The Houses of Parliament's iconic clock tower is one of London's most famous landmarks.
View of London from the window of the plane. London. Ferris wheel "London Eye". Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster. Dial Big Ben. City Hall in London.
The Tower. Throughout its history, the existence of which is more than nine centuries, the story of the Tower of London, and he was like a fortress and was the residence of British monarchs, was the site for the storage of military equipment, served as the repository of royal regalia, was and mint, and observatory It has been a museum, and sometimes even a zoo. Nevertheless, it is not over the fate of loud and notorious, he earned himself as a state prison, it contained no ordinary prisoners and political prisoners who tried to oppose the Throne.
City Hall in London. The building designed by the architect firm Foster & Partners. The building, which employs 440 employees and members of the City Council, at a cost of 43 million pounds (about 60 million US dollars). In the center of the building is a glass meeting room, above which rises a spiral staircase. So that everyone can see the work of the city government, or simply admire the horizon of the City, the business heart of the British capital. Located on the top floor of a 45-meter high sightseeing gallery is designed for 250 seats and is open to the public.

London is the capital of England

London - River Thames flows in the capital of England and then flows into the North Sea. On the way from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. On the streets of London. Museum of Sherlock Holmes. Tower. Hatches London. Tower - a fortress, built on the north bank of the River Thames, the historic center of London. One of the oldest historic buildings of Great Britain for a long time served as the residence of British monarchs. Today, the Tower is both a historical monument and museum, is included in the list of objects belonging to the World Heritage Site.

London, Oliver Cromwell London. The first English pub appeared in the 16th century. The photo pub, which is considered the first. About heard many pubs. It is an English pub, a restaurant, a tavern. Complete the name "Public House" (eng. Public house). All UK covered with a dense network of pubs: for every 750 souls, including infants, there is one pub. Perhaps because the British had time to get used to them, because there were more pubs in the early Middle Ages.
Any your dream will come true in a department store Ā«HarrodsĀ» - the same symbol of London as the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace. In 1861, Charles Digby Harrod took over a small shop of his father, and there was a sign in the window "BH Harrod, groceries." The business prospered, and in 1880 the staff has reached 100 people. Today, "Harrods" - one of the most famous shops in the world where you can buy everything from a grand piano to a purebred puppy. He became a symbol of Knightsbridge.
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