Santorini (Greek. Σαντορίνη) Map of Greece o.Santorin - a small group of volcanic islands in the center of the Aegean Sea about 120 km north of Crete, the diameter of the caldera flooded with sea water (boiler) is up to 14 km depth of 400 m
The name Santorini was told by the Arab geographer Edis, who traveled the Cyclades in 1153, the island got its name by the name of the local church of St. Irene (Santa Irene). The foreign explorers called it the first Santo, and then Santa Irene, which later turned into one word Thira (Santorini). Included in the Cyclades archipelago.

The archipelago of Santorini

The main island - Fira (pronounced, and Fehr, Tyrus, Tera) - on behalf of the Dorian leader Firas, sailed with the subjects of Sparta and founded the Antique (Ancient) Fira on the mountain Meso Vouno about 800 BC, also known as Fira Santorini (Santorini) on behalf of the entire group of islands in the length of the island is 13 km wide, about 3 km, 76 sq km area of ​​the island, the coastline about 70 km.
In the archipelago consists of five islands:
- Fira, Firas (Little Fira) - Both Islands are remnants of an ancient volcanic cone;
- Palea Kameni, Nea Kameni, and Apronisi - the results of subsequent eruptions.
Cone Kamemi Nea (New Stone) still continues to grow. The last eruption of lava occurred in 1956. Currently, only a faint smell of sulfur and hot black rocks of the island talk about the active volcano - is the biggest sea volcano on Earth.
The archipelago of Santorini about 400 Orthodox churches and chapels, and the population seems less than 20 thousand Most were built privately. Many of the sailors got into a storm, made a vow to God when his own salvation, will build a church or chapel. The largest church of the island Kamari Agh. Nektarios Church (Saint Nektarios).

Things to do in Santorini

The capital town of Fira, the village Immirovigli, Ia, stretched white houses on the very crest of the cliff multimeter ancient volcano, attract many tourists. In agile amongst the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.
The village of Kamari. The most famous beach of Kamari is composed of black volcanic sand (pebbles), which span more than 1 km. Through the mountain Meso Vuno second such beach - Perissa. These same beaches are only available in the Canary Islands and Hawaii. Clean sea and shore! Stored daily walks in the evening and night resort Kamari - beautiful architecture, restaurants, taverns, quiet, calm, despite the many tourists.
Perissa is a very quiet place, located near the resort of Kamari. Amazing black sands perfect for sunbathing on the beach and you can use the equipment for any kind of water sports. In Perissa a lot of restaurants and nightclubs, which are located in the beautiful eucalyptus groves, creating a shadow on the beach.
Excavation of Ancient Fira
You can visit the excavations of Ancient Fira - the settlement of Greek-Roman periods on top of the mountain Mesa Vuno and interesting 2-3-storey city Minoan period (before the explosion of the volcano), a 3.5-thousand-year-old from the village of Akrotiri, excavated under a huge layer of volcanic sediments. The remarkable frescoes found on the walls of stone houses on the southern outer side of the island Fira (Thira), under 30 and more meters of volcanic rock, it is surprising that the murals were in all homes.
Unique beaches of black volcanic sand (pebbles) in Kamari and Perissa, the beach of red sand, white, ...

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Santorini Island The island of Thira (Santorini) Church Kamari Agh. Sea Santorini Greece Hotel Santorini Cafe Santorini
Santorini Island. The island of Thira (Santorini). The Church of Kamari. Most blue sea. Hotel Santorini. Cafe
The view from the volcano. Greece The village of Oia, Santorini The capital of Santorini This Greek salad The black beaches of Santorini Crater of the volcano of Santorini

View from the volcano. The village of Oia, Santorini. The capital of Fira, Santorini. This Greek salad. The black beach of Perissa. One of the old crater of the volcano

A trip to the volcano
Climbing to the summit of the volcano is an unforgettable trip.
7 on the volcano crater. One of them is valid. A special tour of the volcano suggests the presence of a special shoe, as a normal foot burns. The temperature reaches 50 degrees. Excursion to the volcano is the three-the big "King of Fira." After visiting the volcano, visitors can bathe in the hot sulfur marine waters.
Santorini - a perfect place for an exotic vacation, swimming and inspection of interesting historical sights.

From the history of the island of Santorini

The remains of a grand explosion of the volcano Strongile happened 3450 years ago. The explosion was 3-4 times more powerful than Krakatoa. It is believed that this was the loudest sound on record. Molten falling rocks and poisonous gases burned forests, destroyed animals and humans. The great mass of ash for months plunged the planet into darkness. Tsunami wave heights greater than 100 m struck the island of Crete and Egeydy, Asia Minor, the future ancient Greece, Egypt, ... This led to the end of their coexistence great Mycenaean civilization-Crete. By Neil on a wave of 1.5 thousand km, destroying piers and ships. The tsunami destroyed the army of Pharaoh's persecuted Jews on the Sinai shore of the Isthmus ...
Volcanic lava, covering the island, has three colors: yellow, red and black.