The original name of the city sounds like Beytszin. Temple of Heaven Beijing is the capital of China with a very long time since this city is one of the oldest in the country. The area of ​​the city truly great, it is 16.8 thousand square kilometers. The population reached a mark of 5.8 million people, including suburban areas 10.9 million people. All the attractions of this city is very difficult to enumerate, because there is, perhaps, a city where so much concentrated cultural monuments. It is in this city of China are the Temple of Heaven, Imperial Palace, the tomb of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty, the Summer Palace, Great Wall and Beijing Opera unmatched. There is also a world famous Tiananmen Square, where a monument to the People's Heroes, towering at 38 meters. Before the buildings are huge statues and traditional items such as vases or giant rainbow shape of mythical creatures, including dragons.
Not far from the coal-hill lies Jade Island on which is built after the famous monk, the Dalai Lama, a complex of temples, made of white limestone. The so-called Temple of Heaven is made up of several buildings: the ancestral temple of the temple prayer for a good harvest and the altar of Heaven. Also in this complex is the towering wall of sound that shakes their acoustic characteristics. The fact that the speech uttered by the wall, heard throughout the complex.
Each year, Beijing has more than one million tourists. Their favorite place - it's part of the restored Great Wall, which is located 90 kilometers from the city. There you can buy all kinds of souvenirs and items of Chinese life. Beijing is proud to be called the pearl of the Orient. Here you'll see the traditional theatrical spectacle in the spirit of old times, more than 7,000 cultural monuments and buildings in the traditional style of Chinese emperors.
Forbidden City (Palace) - Beijing's historic center. Tiananmen Square. View of the Imperial Palace. In Beijing Subway. Business Beijing. And the new and old.