My First Trip to Israel

The Capital Of Israel - Jerusalem
Israel Language - Hebrew, Arabic, English.
The unit of currency is the new israeli shekel (100 agorot) 1$ = 4,5 shekels.
A very different country from the patriarchal the bedouins to the park of high technologies
Behind moscow time per 1 hour.
In February-march, the difference in no time, since Israel for 6-8 weeks before Russia takes over the summer, in September-October the difference - 2 hours, since Israel before Russia takes over in the winter time and the difference is increasing accordingly.

How to get to ISRAEL

From MOSCOW to Israel you can fly regular flights of such airlines as EL AL, Transaero, Israel, Sun Dors. City of arrival in this case - Tel-Aviv fc. Also from Moscow to the Holy Land can be reach by the regular flights of Aeroflot", which is sent to the airport of. Ovda. From St. Petersburg organizes regular flights airline EL AL, and GTK "Russia" to Tel Aviv. The direct flights on the Tel-Aviv is in a number of regions of Russia is Kazan, Samara, Rostov.
The main airport of Israel, the international airport of them. Ben-Gurion, is a 45-minute drive from Jerusalem and in 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv.
The second not less important, the airport "Ovda" is located in a 60-minute drive from the city. Eilat.
The system of "red" and" green" corridors operates at Ben-Gurion airport, as well as in the sea ports of Haifa and Ashdod. If you import the objects in authorized for duty-free import quantities, you can go through the "green "corridor. At the customs control at israeli airports on green corridor allowed the passage of the personal clothing of the tourist in size, fit in the hand luggage; alcoholic beverages - 1 liter;wine - 2 litres, perfumery products - 250 ml; tobacco products - 200 cigarettes; gifts to the value of not more than 150 $ . In the presents may not include alcohol, perfumes, tobacco, tv sets.
The monetary unit of the country - new shekels equal to 100 agorot. In circulation there are banknotes in denominations of 20,50,100 and 200 shekels, coins of 10, 50 agorot, as well as 1, 5 and 10 shekels.
Currency can be exchanged in banks and special exchange points. Allowed unlimited import to Israel of foreign currency in cash signs, travel checks, bank credit cards: VISA, Маsтеr Саrd, American Express, etc.
Transport of ISRAEL In Israel successfully developed public bus transport. Almost connected to the bus line all settlements of the country, and in large cities of Israel widely operates urban bus transport. When buying tickets for long-distance routes the cost of the ticket is determined by the distance. In the afternoon on Friday, the movement stops and is resumed late on Saturday evening. In Israel railways run through the coastal, northern, central and individual areas in the south of the country. The ticket is purchased for travel from point to point, and so the passenger himself chooses on a train in the direction he was to go and where to change from train to train. Machines for checking of tickets installed both at the input and at the output from the stations.
Fixed-run taxi does not work on all lines, but only in specially loaded lines and can not carry out the entire route of the flight of the bus. The cost of travel in a minibus less than riding the bus. Taxi only form of transport working on the greater part of Israel on Saturdays and public holidays (except for the post of the Yom Kippur).
The passenger service of a taxi in the night (in the period from 9 p.m. to 5.30), as well as in the sabbath and the feasts are charged a surcharge of 25%. In israeli taxi tipping is not, however, considered good form to approximate the amount of the payment up to an integer number of shekels.
Metro: the only line, which operates in the country, located in the city of Haifa. Underground funicular "Carmelit" (6 stations, the length is about 2 km) connects the Lower city and Carmel. Pay for travel may be buying a ticket for only one type of transport, or by taking advantage of a single ticket valid on all forms of public transport throughout the country. If you take a ticket to the end of the two or one ticket for two, save 15%.
Rent a car can be at the airport or in any large city in the well-known international and local firms. For this it is necessary to have international driving licences and national: English and French languages. As a rule, you must have a credit card.

Communications in ISRAEL

Telephone international code of Israel - 972. To make a call you should dial - 8-10-972- city code - called party number. All the phone numbers in Israel have seven characters. In small shops sometimes there are phones-machines, which accept coins. Phone tariff is considered by the minute, and the reduced rate also has a place and operates from 20.00 to 08.00. You must know that a different phone companies price of a call is different and sometimes differs very much, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the tariffs in advance. If You make a call from his hotel, he may be at a price significantly more expensive than from the same public phone booth. Mobile communication is carried out by companies Pelephone, Cellcom, Orange and Amigo.
Except for the tourist zones (Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya, Eilat) it is extremely difficult to find public internet cafe, even in large cities. The point of self-service access to the internet are in the airports, the major train stations and in large shopping centers.
Assortment of the israeli shops is very wide and includes exquisite jewelry, oriental carpets, fashionable ladies'and men's clothes, elegant furs, leather products, antiques, modern ceramics...
Israel is one of the best places in the world where it is worth to buy diamonds and other precious stones mounted in gold and silver. The israeli diamond exchange is the largest in the world. When buying jewelry in diamond exchange necessarily issued the passport of the stone. If in the next trip to the country you want to buy a more expensive stone, you just pay the difference, and instead of the previous you get a new product.
One of the most beautiful gift of Israel - shaped candles of colored wax. Large amounts of gifts can be purchased in the Yardenit.

Holy Sepulcher Tomb of the Virgin Wailing wall The Temple Mount Treatment at the Dead Sea Holidays on the Red Sea
Holy Sepulcher. Tomb of the Virgin. Wailing wall. The Temple Mount. Treatment at the Dead Sea. Holidays on the Red Sea.

Tourists arriving in Israel are given a huge variety of accommodation choices in the countries from simple guest houses for pilgrims, to the magnificent, luxury hotel deluxe class.

The climate of ISRAEL

This is a country where all year round something blooms: in January bloom anemones, in September blooms sea lily.
Through Israel route of migratory birds, very carefully protected nature of the country.
Israel is washed by four seas:
warm and mild Mediterranean sea;
- damaging its magnificence water Red;
- The dead sea, the uniqueness of which is known all over the world;
- as well as the Sea of ​​Galilee (Lake Kinneret).
During the swimming season, continuing in Israel until mid-November, the tourists have the opportunity to relax on any of the more than 140 (a more precise number 142 beach) officially operating beaches.
On the mediterranean coast of Israel beaches of the most sandy, sometimes there is pebble and sand, the sea-shore, shallow, as the beaches are wide enough coastline. It provides the ideal place for a family rest with children. On the beaches of the cities of Netanya, Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Caesarea, Haifa you can enjoy not only the warm sea and sun baths, but also taste different exquisite dishes, which are offered in the coastal bars and restaurants.
Beaches of the Red sea also differ flat entrance and pebble-sandy promenade. It should be noted that the Red sea is a unique possibility to get a spectacular pleasure, looking at the underwater world, for this purpose there is a lot of offers and opportunities for diving.
Surface of the Dead sea is still, as if spellbound. The bottom is covered with salt deposits, there is no algae. Sandy beaches, but you need to be careful, as there are a lot of acute salt stones, and therefore need to walk in the shoes to avoid injury.
It is necessary to pay attention to the natural lake Kinneret which is annually visited by tens of thousands of visitors from other countries and continents. Walks in the surrounding of this reservoir will be able to deliver a real pleasure. On many of the beaches there is a shower and a toilet, the majority has night lighting. The beach is like a rock, so green and sandy coast.