The site is about travel, historic sites, landmarks. Different people prefer different and holidays. Some like the hot sun and wants to visit the Pyramid of Cheops (completed around 2590 BC. er.) Temples of Abu Simbel, or see the architecture of St. Petersburg who prefers to hiking, Stati Travel and turizme someone traveling in the mountains with tents, someone wants to make a trip to the volcanoes, but who wants to choose excursions and exploring the historic sights, for someone necessary to organize holiday with the kids. The choice depends on the preferences of leisure on his mood and physical condition. Not all survive many hours walking with a rucksack on his back, not all are addicted to ancient architecture. In this sense, the most accessible and easiest way to relax, does not require from the tourist special physical or intellectual training, but no less useful is the journey to the sea.
Most people have a dream to visit some exotic or historic places on Earth. No less fans to visit with friends in the country. Then there, the spirit of travel and tourism industry is no stranger to us. On our website we will prepare materials with articles on travel and tourism.
We are pleased to put on the website sending me your notes about travel and tourism. We hope that you will share photos and just write about their impressions about the trip, tell us what difficulties or problems you encounter during the trip, share your tips.

Travel, historical sites, tourism

Travel in Austria Travel in Austria. A significant part of the territory of Austria occupies the eastern Alps, the mountain tops are glaciers. Capital Austria - Vienna is one of the most attractive cities in Europe in terms of life, a city of architectural jewel and a music center since the Middle Ages. Active winter holiday, the presence of prominent landmarks and great musical tradition is constantly attracted to this alpine country is very large number of tourists. The national parks are some rare species of animals in Europe. Austria has a central Europe.
Journey to Paris Journey to Paris. When a person goes to France, he was never asked, "Why?" - Because it is clear that for something One ride is meaningless. If the purpose of the trip - vacation in France, beach or ski, or even on boats, cottages (Penishet "they call them), you can not avoid trips to the surrounding beauty, shopping, wine tasting and cheese. Actually, a business tour or excursion on the ticket, is unlikely to do without such "French makeweights┬╗.
France is good already just because of it - in every corner - just a pleasure to be, regardless of occupation, and season. Because tours in France enjoyed by tourists in constant demand and never "burn", and vacation in France was, is and always will be prestigious.
In the hills of sunny Provence, plant flowers for the perfume industry, and the Loire Valley, Burgundy and Champagne are renowned for their vineyards.
And yet the charm of France in its diversity - of its present appearance and charm have worked for thousands of years dozens of different peoples from the Roman Empire. "German" France is radically different from the "Spanish", the Cote d'Azur - from Normandy ... And in each corner - particularly their food, clothing, dialect. Vacation, traveling to France can be infinite and can never be said "In this country I have seen all ...
Travel in Bulgaria Travel in Bulgaria Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe, the eastern Balkan Peninsula. The fourth and current Bulgaria's capital city is Sofia. This state has long been famous for its traditions and rich history. The Black Sea coast are famous resorts - Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. In the north of Bulgaria, relatively flat terrain, the border runs along the river Danube. In the south Bulgaria towering mountains, which reach a height of 3 thousand meters. In the homeland of Dionysus, Aphrodite and Orpheus can visit the ruins of castles, dating back to the Roman Empire. Into "the land of joy and sunshine" made excellent wine, roses are grown and produced tobacco. At present, there has been a construction boom. Construction of new buildings and upgraded existing buildings, new ski slopes.
Travel in Spain Travel in Spain Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, is a country with ancient culture and friendly climate climate. Here are a variety of resorts: one can choose for every taste, well developed tourist infrastructure, it is very rich excursion program. Autumn-winter-spring - the best time for tours around the country since the summer sinaya heat.
Travel to Cyprus Travel to Cyprus The capital of Nicosia, the island is almost parallel to each other stretched two mountain ranges: to the north - the mountain array of Kyrenia, in the south - the Troodos mountains. In the north, home to the Turks and Greeks in the south. The clean mountain air and mild climate make this area a popular holiday destination, especially during the hot summer months. Cyprus - the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, where more than three hundred days a year the sun is shining, so the rest is good for health Evrope.Obschaya coastline: 780 km. Coast of the island is rocky cliffs and sandy bay.
Travel in China Travel in China China is located in eastern Asia, known as a country with great tourism opportunities. Here, peace rural landscape gives way to the majestic skyscrapers of big cities. The landscape has been brought to China vain glory of the country striking contrasts. There are mountains, rivers and forests and seas. China is so great that experienced tourists and newcomers, are finding a lot of interesting.
Travel to Malaysia Travel to Malaysia. Located on the Malay Peninsula, in northern Kalimantan. Malaysia is the country in which like it once and for all life. It is very unusual, interesting and mysterious and attractive, which again necessarily want to return again to experience the atmosphere of heady aroma of lush vegetation, to admire the unusual fauna, watch the numerous attractions and, of course, swim in the clear sea, which is so warm and tender that it can stay for hours.
Journey to Turkey Journey to Turkey Turkey - one of the best stranpo sooosheniyu "price - quality". Here, the warm sea (without the jellyfish and sharks!) lack of industrial enterprises on the coast, endless beaches, a large number of high-class hotels with vast territories, huge swimming pools, water parks and developed infrastructure. Most hotels offer food system "all inclusive". In Turkey, diverse, sometimes very beautiful nature and a lot of sightseeing.
Kids in Turkey Kids in Turkey Turkey is not in vain is one of the most popular countries for families with children. Of course, here and in adults without Labour will be able to fully relax and find yourself something for everyone, but it is the most popular family vacation, since children in Turkey, the most favorable conditions. In most otelyay there is an opportunity for sport and health promotion: open swimming swimming pools, saunas, Turkish baths, fitness centers.
Santorini is an island-card Santorini is an island-card unique landscape of Santorini - a black volcanic lava of an active volcano, white houses and the bright blue sea. Multicolored houses, clinging tightly to each other on the edge of high cliffs, snow-white church with a bright blue canopies, fabulous colors of sea and sky - all this is the island of Santorini, Greece, the symbol depicted on the colorful postcards and in guidebooks and tourist brochures.
Alps Courmayeur Mountain Romance in Italy: Val di Fassa and Courmayeur Skiing is becoming increasingly popular sport worldwide. Today skiing - are available to almost everyone. Ski resort Courmayeur (Courmayeur) not too big, but it is widely known for its great location: next to the tunnel dvenadtsatikilometrovym Del Monte Bianco, on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Main attraction feature of the resort - an opportunity for well-designed system of cable cars to ride on the slopes of Mont Blanc and the slopes are so diverse, that bring pleasure to any skier. Skiing season from December 7 - 30 April.
Activities in Antibes Activities in Antibes Who among you does not like to travel? I believe that such person is difficult to meet. I, like most of you, also love to travel. I especially remember one of the trips. Memorable for two reasons. First, I visited one of the coveted seats - Cote d'Azur. And secondly, I am ... But let me tell you about everything in order. I hope you will be interested.
European camping European camping in the details Going to the car trip through Europe and are looking for a low cost but comfortable seats accommodation? Like to live in nature and awake to singing birds? Traveling with kids and dream, that they breathe fresh air and running on the grass? Welcome to camping!