Czech Republic

Romance in the heart of Europe
Czech Republic (cheshsk. Česko), the official name of the Czech Republic (cheshsk. Česká republika), abbreviated CR (cheshsk. ČR) - landlocked country in Central Europe
The capital, Prague
Form of government - parliamentary republic
The currency CZK
State of the Czech Republic is situated in central Europe and occupies a total area of 78.9 thousand square meters. km. In the north of the Czech Republic borders Poland (border length 658 km) to the east with Slovakia (border length 214 km) to the south by Austria (border length 362 km) to the west and north - Germany (border length 646 km). Map of Czech Republic
Language: Official language - Czech. Also holds Slovak, German, English and Russian languages.
Both Russian and English are taught in schools as second languages.
Electricity: 220 V 50Hz
European plug with two circular metal pins
Date of independence on Jan. 1, 1993 (from Czechoslovakia)
The Czech Republic is divided into three historically the region:
- Bohemia - the western part of the Czech Republic
- Moravia - the eastern part of the country
- Czech Silesia - the north-eastern part of the Republic. Most of the country's historical Silesia belongs to Poland.
In the Czech Republic 14 political edge, divided into districts.
Largest cities Czech Republic: Brno, Ostrava, Plzen
The climate in the Czech Republic is temperate continental with warm summers and mild winters. Over the country are facing the marine and continental climate. The average summer air temperature is +20° C, in winter -5° C. The coldest month - January, the warmest - July. Best time to visit the country - May, June and September.
As an independent state, the Czech Republic on 1 January 1993 as a result of separation of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.
Czech Republic - it's unique charm of the Middle Ages, the miraculous springs spas, a paradise for beer lovers and much that is worth seeing for its eyes. In the Czech Republic, which is often called the "heart of Europe", there really is, what to see is a rich collection of museums and art galleries, town halls, fountains and palaces, plazas, are proud of the whole Czech Republic, historical monuments and much more.
The capital Prague Czech feature manicured city, famous landmarks, both natural and architectural, beautiful castles, unique historical complex. Everything worthy of your attention. Start to open the country to thousands of locks from the master - with the beautiful capital city. In Prague, which is called "Golden Prague" or "City of a hundred Spires" the most famous Old Town of the XIII century, new city of the XIV century, Charles Bridge, with statues of saints (XIV century) Hradcany Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral in the Gothic style (there are many tombs of the kings of Bohemia), Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Telc, the temple pilgrims St. John of Nepomuk on Green Mountain, a few palaces in the Baroque Hall of the XIV century.
In the vicinity of Prague to visit Koneprusy karst caves, Loreto treasury, which exhibited art works and liturgical objects XVI-XVIII centuries, incl. "The Sun of Prague" - diamond monstrance, rays which adorn the 6222 diamond.
Tyn Church   It is also necessary to pay attention to other monuments Czech Republic.
  • In Pilsen is - the Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew (XIII century), Town Hall (XVI century), museum of brewing.
  • In Uste nad Labem - a few Gothic churches of the XIII century.
  • In Ceske Budejovice - the Gothic Church of St. Mary's Episcopal Palace.
  • In Liberec - the church of the XVI century and the castle of the XVII century, and in Hradec Kralove - old town, located around the Cathedral of the XIV century.
  • In Par Dubica - the church of the XIII century, the old city of the XVI century.
  • Brno is worth visiting St. Peter and Paul Cathedral (XV century), the 16 th century town hall
  • In Olomouc - the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas 12 th century the century, the town hall of the XIII century, Archbishop's Palace, houses a quarter of the Baroque (XVII century).
The most famous of the landmarks and historical center of Prague, Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Telc, the temple pilgrims of St. John of Nepomuk on Green Mountain, located not far from Zdar nad Sazavou, the Lednice-Valtice, Kromeriz and Holašovice in South Bohemia - were rightly included in the list of world cultural Heritage.
A special place is the capital of the Czech Republic, romantic Prague, which has long been famous for "City of lovers". What is surprising - a leisurely stroll through the quiet cobbled streets of Czech cities are unlikely to impress.
Incidentally, on 14 February and Valentine's Day, the patron saint of lovers - said holiday 68% of the Czechs!
And in the Czech Republic there is another patron of lovers - St. John Nepomuk (Sv.Jan Nepomucky)-of the Vicar Yoganek In flour. St. John of Nepomuk was the confessor Empress Joanna, the wife of a famous Czech king Wenceslas. John refused to give the king the secret confession of the empress. The king, having learned from the priest love secrets of his wife and ordered him to drown under the Prague Bridge. According to legend, over the body of the drowned martyr appeared crown with five stars.
To commemorate this miracle of five metal stars have been let into the stone railing of the bridge on the very spot where he was cleared of Nepomuk.
On the Charles Bridge is a bas-relief, which depicts the moment of death of the saint. Bas-relief can not be ignored! He shines as the numerous tourists touch the it, turned to their long cherished make a wish. But local residents say that desires are fulfilled in another place, Charles bridge, the statue of Saint Nepomuk (you can find on halo out of five stars).
Near the figure is screwed copper cross. to whom and to touch to all your dreams come true.
So if you want to go with his half of a romantic journey, Czech Republic, with its unique, full of tenderness and magic atmosphere - the best place for such a trip. You can visit the most beautiful and romantic places of the Czech Republic into the world of medieval castles, legends, tales and ghosts!
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Panorama Prague Kutna Hora Vltava River Castle Rosenberg Fortress wall Prague

Prague panorama. Kutna Hora. The nature of the Czech Republic with altitude, the Vltava River. Kind of lock Rosenberg. The fortress wall. Prague.