Thailand, Phuket

The island of Phuket.
 Phuket, located in southwest of Thailand, bordering the waters of the Andaman Sea Indian Ocean, is the same province Thailand.
Small island, from north to south length of about 50 kilometers, and its maximum width from east to west is about 21 kilometer.
Thailand's Phuket on the mainland to the north separated by the Strait of Pak Pra, the width of the strait in the east up to 5 kilometers to the west narrows up to 600 meters.
In the western part of the Strait island connected to the mainland by two bridges: Sarasin (direction of traffic - from the island to the mainland) and Thao Thep Krasatri (direction of traffic - from the mainland to the island).
Construct a third bridge, after completion of the bridge Sarasin will be closed to traffic, his level will be raised by five meters, so that ships could pass under the bridge on the Pak Phra channel. Thailand Phuket
The main population of the island: Thai, Chinese and Malays (Muslims), sea gypsies.
The total number of almost 280 thousand people. The island has only one airport - Phuket International Airport.
The name "Phuket" is translated from Malay means "mountain".
Phuket only two seasons - the rainy season (May to October) and hot season (November-April). However, even in the rainy season many sunny days, and if it rains, there is no more than one or two hours. The wettest month - September, and the best time for rest is the period from November to February, when temperatures range from 22 to 34˚C, and the Andaman Sea, most quiet and peaceful.
One of the biggest island in Thailand, gives fans a beach holiday, a great opportunity to enjoy a sky-blue sea, which striking in its beauty and purity, and dazzling white sand completely crazy ....
Boundless depths of the sea and the white beaches give all facilities for diving, extremal - windsurfing or skydiving into the water, hunting for adventure - fishing and much more ...
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And visiting just one of the beaches say, Kata Noi - although there are a number of dazzling white Karon, Kata or pretentious or beach Yanui (tiny, but fantastically picturesque corner) or Phuket, kindle its rich night life - often many do not reach even to the nearby beach, thinking that here there is nothing interesting ... Such a stereotype would deprive you half the fun on the island!
So what eventually might be interested in Phuket that can embody the traditional Thailand?
Of course, this temple complexes ... Chinese dragons and the characteristic "pagodnye" contours you see on the path of movement (if it's not located in the north) - a traditional Chinese temple is located near the Monument of Heroin (who saved Thailand from the Burmese invasion) on the left hand. Further, the most conspicuous religious landmark of Phuket (and one of the most notable in Thailand) - is Mount the Big Buddha. The mountain itself, a height of almost half a kilometer, dominates the south-western part of the island. Legend has it that four years back on the mountain was nothing but meager plantation rubber .... but come to the island of the monk declared that life on the island dramatically change after the construction on top of statues of Buddha and gave precise coordinates for the building. Now the island is thriving, and everyone can, just raising her head, her eyes met nineteen meter statue of Buddha in white marble garments, guarding the island, and possibly as kingdom.
If you are not a fan of Cinématographe indifferent Island Pee Pee. In this beautiful place, surrounded by picturesque rocks and impenetrable jungle filmed the famous movie with Leonardo DiCaprio "The Beach».
Another interesting attraction is, of course, Cape Promtep, or "Cape of the Gods." In the vicinity of the Cape, located almost at the southernmost point of Phuket is carefully guarded by the divine footprint of Buddha and ancient monasteries.
You can endlessly trying to express in words what Thailand ... his endless azure beaches, exotic life, always smiling Thais are good-natured, majestic temples and carefree night life .... But the feeling of seeing the sun, sinking in the Andaman and noise wind in the palms, the echo of silence and the lapping of waves - it can be felt, only having appeared here and then we understand exactly what does it mean for coming here again and again, this phrase - "Thailand, Thailand, my forever!".
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Edged by white sandy beaches, lapped by the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is considered to be a tropical paradise. Thanks variety of types of recreation the island very long attracted tourists.
If you do not want to move from hotel to hotel in search of a beach, the nightlife, the natural solitude, if you want to enjoy all opportunities in Thailand - Phuket you will be more than comfortable. The best season for a holiday on Phuket - from late October through April.
In contrast to the beaches of Phuket intrigued visitors for its attractions - wonderful examples of old Sino-Portuguese houses, arrayed in rows and the architecture of the city, as well as the opportunity to shop and have some fun.
Nature's beauty of the island opens in the national park of Khao Phra Thayu, where you can admire the pristine jungle of Phuket.
In addition to this there are many wonderful places, but the most famous among them - Laem Phram Then, the southernmost tip of the island, where tourists gather to contemplate the magnificent sunsets Phuket.
An unforgettable experience will leave you and visit other attractions, among them - Marine Biology Research Center, Butterfly Garden and Aquarium, National Museum of talent, the world of crocodiles and Marine Aquarium, the Naga Pearl Farm.
Phuket - a recognized center for water sports: there are all opportunities for parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing, water scooters.
On the island of about 10 special diving schools that organize special 2.1 day trips to nearby islands (Koh Phiphi, Koh Doc Mai).
Sank to a depth of 25 m with experienced instructors, you can see a fantastic world of underwater caves and coral reefs.
You can order a panoramic tour of Phuket, the journey to the island Phan-Nga, sea cruise on the "pirate" ship "Jolly Roger" with a stop for swimming at the beach ...
Phuket has its own informal capital - Patong. Beach holiday in Phuket makes one forget about everything, however, and the lack of night life, "local" tourists do not suffer, especially if the hotel at Patong Beach or nearby.
In Phuket, one will find rest to your liking, and a program of regular flights made this fabulous island even closer!