Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands since the early 19th century. First mentioned as a city in 1275. The city, its history, was the capital of two states: the Batavian Republic, and then to the present time the Netherlands. The population is 695 thousand people. Despite the fact that the status of capital is Amsterdam, the residence of the king is near - at The Hague.
The city is very picturesque. It consists of nine dozen small islands, connected by beautiful bridges. It should be noted that most of the canals and bridges have not been changed in the last 300 years.
There are more than a few unusual your favorite form of transport. The fact that the majority of residents are to move the bike, which the city has more than cars. Amsterdam is visited annually by millions of tourists. In this city, as in the Turkish market, you can see people of different nationalities. Amsterdam is the financial core of the Netherlands. This, of course, due to the presence in the port through which pass annually hundreds of thousands tons of cargo. In the 14th century, due to the growth of the city, were dug extra channels that have been rehabilitated by various buildings, originally made in the Amsterdam fashion.
Amsterdam is famous for its museums. The National Gallery exhibited 22 works by Rembrandt himself. Vincent Van Gogh's canvases can be seen in the museum's name. Also in the city's museums featuring the work of such venerable authors such as Paul Gauguin, Emile Bernard and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
The territory of the town is not big, so ignore it and you can see all the sights on foot. On the streets of the city often hosts various festivals and theatrical processions, and at Amsterdam's markets you can find products from around the world. And on the streets of Amsterdam can easily find a young person or company who calmly smokes marijuana. Nothing strange - just soft drugs in Amsterdam allowed.

This is Amsterdam's canals Walk on kanalu.Amsterdam Hotels in Amsterdam Amsterdam. The Flower Market Red Light Street Bicycles in the capital of the Netherlands
This is Amsterdam's canals. Pleasure boats are waiting for tourists. Hotels in Amsterdam. The Flower Market. Red Light Street. Bicycles on the streets of capital of the Netherlands.