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History of the Russian state has many events that created the Russian people, the path was sometimes difficult, many people remained in the history of the state who use their talent, hard work, perseverance created the material and cultural values​​, increasing the glory of his country, to create true masterpieces and Wealth participated citizens of other states, many of whom later took Russian as their second home.

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MoscowTravel to Moscow
Moscow Capital of Russia. The population is 10.5 million (2009) and agglomeration of 15 million people. Continued growth of the population of Moscow is explained mainly the influx of people from other regions. This phenomenon of internal migration in the Soviet times was called "limitchik." The density of living in the city of Moscow is 9722 persons per square kilometer. → History of Moscow
St. PetersburgTravel to St. Petersburg
In troubled times, the history of the Russian city of St. Petersburg has arisen. His appearance was historically justified and necessary. Starting from the XII century the whole region is located along the Neva River was the scene of bloody wars and many years with the foreign invaders. Memorable victories of Alexander Nevsky in the "great cross" on the Neva River in 1240, the Battle of the Ice in 1242, hiking the Russian troops in the Livonian War (1558-1583). Severe and difficult struggle for access to Russia to the Baltic Sea was brilliantly completed only in the Northern War (1700-1721 gg.).
The fortified town of St. Petersburg was a city-port, and the whole country, not only land but also sea power.
The capital was built with an unprecedented scale. Forces "working people" were constructed shipyards, gunpowder, and brick factories, foundries, workshops. enough low banks, heavy clay soil, sand erosion, capricious climate, frequent floods all this very difficult without the hard construction.
Soldiers driven from all corners of Russia, the peasants from the neighboring lands, Muscovites and Pskov, Ryazan and Tula, and Yaroslavl vologodtsy rooted out and cut down the forest.
In construction, the city took part writers, painters, sculptors, architects, composers, actors, lived and worked in this city. → Attractions of St. Petersburg .
Novgorod the GreatTravel to Novgorod the Great
Rurik founded on a legend - the most ancient Russian city, which in 2009 celebrated its 1150 years.
A city that remembers its former power, and brutality oprichnina, city, collecting tribute from all of the Russian North and the two went through the occupation, it is almost completely devastated. City, resist the invasion of the Crusaders.
Novgorod Kremlin. The oldest stone fortress in Russia, the Kremlin-Detinets - is the key to understanding ancient Novgorod, its history and culture. More than a thousand years ago, in the IX VI, on the left bank of the Volkhov emerged wooden fortress ("City"), which was called Novgorod. The original, wooden-post credit was less than half the current Kremlin ... Sophia side. So6or St. Sophia gave the name of the city, which is located on the left bank of the Volkhov.
Trading side. On the right bank of the Volkhov River, opposite the Kremlin, in ancient times was located Bargaining - the economic center of Veliky Novgorod. → Novgorod the Great
PskovTravel to Pskov History The ancient city of Russia, one of the oldest cities in Russia, it is more 1100 years. The many and varied monuments of ancient culture make it one of the most attractive travel. Pskov - a city fortress mighty walls and towers of the Pskov fortress has always played a prominent role pskovichan life, once because of its thickness and height are due to its beauty.
Nizhny NovgorodTravel to Nizhny Novgorod History of Novgorod - the administrative center of Nizhny Novgorod region. Located in the heart of the East European Plain at the confluence of the Oka and Volga. Oka divides the city into two parts - the upper to the lower Dyatlov mountains and on her left low-lying coast. In the period from 1932 to 1990 the city was known as Gorky (in honor of the writer Maxim Gorky).
Nizhny Novgorod - the fifth most populous city in Russia with a population of 1,278,803 people, an important economic, transport and cultural center of the country.
Nizhny Novgorod is located 400 km east of Moscow ...
Rest in AnapaRest in Anapa Most people know how to Anapa resort and known a great place for children's activities at sea. All this is true, because resort here was developed early last century, children's recreation center Anapa started doing since 1920. And in order for the other It has everything: the most ecologically clean sea on the Black Sea, the long sunny days a year - about 300 days, 40 miles beaches with fine sand, four types of mineral waters for medicinal and table drinking, mud and brine bath.
Rest in VityazevoRest in Vityazevo Most Russians village Vityazevo known only by the fact that next to him is an international airport "Anapa". People fly in there and go to swim and sunbathe in Anapa. And in vain, because Vityazevo - a large village with a population of more than 7000 man with well-developed infrastructure and is located just a short drive from Anapa. Thus, a good holiday or weekend can and does.