Date of foundation: VI century BC
Phone code: +4202
Prague (cheshsk. Praha) is the capital and largest city Czech Republic, the administrative center of the Central Bohemia Region, while Prague itself is not part of the edge - it has placed only its administrative bodies).
The city is located north of central Bohemia on the Vltava river in Central region, which is the administrative center. In the capital, the majority of the public institutions and Several other organizations and companies.
As the historical capital of the Czech Republic was once a place of Czech princes and kings, the Roman and German emperors and the capital Czechoslovakia. Currently, the capital of an area in 496 square kilometers and a population of about 1,3 million inhabitants.
Prague is an economically developed city with a high level life that meets not only Czech but also European standards. Old ploschad.Praga
The main sights of Prague is 18 beautiful stone bridges connecting the banks of the river Vltava. One of the most famous bridges - the Charles Bridge, the product medieval architecture. European Gothic masterpiece architecture is the cathedral of St. Vitus cathedral building was conducted for over 600 years. The city is replete with many beautiful fountains. It should be noted that 5 of the central quarters of Prague in 1993 were included in the number of objects UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Prague consists of ten districts.
Areas and sites in Prague are encouraged to visit :
Hradcany is one of four historical parts of Prague,
Vysehrad (cheshsk. Vyšehrad) - ancient fortress (castle) and historic district
Old Town with Market Square, Town Hall with Astronomical Clock, Tyn temple and the statue of Jan Hus
Nove Mesto (New Town) from the street to prshikope, Wenceslas area and the National Museum
Lesser (Lesser Town) with its gardens and dvrtsami
Castles in the Czech Republic
Prague Castle (Grad), the world's largest lock according to the Book Guinness World Records, with the cathedral of St. Vitus
Prague bridges including necessarily the Charles Bridge
Lesser Town Square Petrin Tower, an almost exact copy of the Eiffel scale
The medieval Jewish quarter Josef
Medieval monasteries in Strahov and Brzhevnove
Extravagant "Dancing House" and other monuments Twentieth century
Prague palaces
Prague islands
Museums Prague
Prague House
Churches, cathedrals, including Cathedral of St. Vitus
Summer Palace, zoo and botanical garden with tropical conservatory in Troy
6 things that must be done in Prague
  • 1. Visit Prague Castle - the largest medieval castle in the world.
    It was built in 9 century from a wooden fortress surrounded by earthen wall. Prague Castle for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic - approximately the same as that for the Russian Moscow Kremlin.
    And as guard at Prague Castle, which are so fond of photographing tourists .... - eyeing you can at least every hour. But particularly well at noon, when a change Guard at Prague Castle is especially solemn, the sound of trumpets and with the change of standard.
  • 2. Tasty food, not counting calories, and drink the famous Czech beer, as well as obligatory coffee and cake.
  • 3. Learn 5 words in Czech.
  • 4. Stroll across the Charles Bridge, hold for a statue and make a wish (they say comes true). It was built by the King of Bohemia and Roman Emperor Map IV already in the 14 century. They say that the solution of cement for greater strength added to the egg yolks. Charles Bridge has survived many floods, most recently which was no more than in 2002. Scientists believe this flood the worst in the last 500 years, so that the egg yolks in cement, probably made their case.
  • 5. Climb on the china / crystal / glass shop, buy a crystal chandelier (with long pendants and glare ...)
  • 6. Dovezti chandelier to the house, without breaking any of the notorious suspensions
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Astronomical Clock "Orloj" at the Old Town Hall. Old Town Square. On the streets of Prague Chimes at the Town Hall Tower in Prague. Photo chimes. Golden autumn in Prague.
Astronomical Clock Old Town Square - an old area of Prague Prague, hatch Praga.Kuranty at the Town Hall tower. Chime picture Prague Autumn
Dancing House in Prague. Guard Prague Castle. Prague Castle. Old Town Square. In the center of Prague. Prague Castle.
Dancing House in Prague Guard Prague Castle Prague Castle Old Town Square In the center of Prague Prague Castle

Prague looks beautiful in the winter time, with the spindly towers, cosy pubs and markets making it a fairy-tale winter destination. The city offers plenty to visitors in the spring time too, with its pretty Stromovka Park and the outdoor fun-fair amusements on Petrin Hill. Prague Holidays. Prague City holidays.