Eiffel Tower

History of creation. The most famous in the world of Parisian - the Eiffel Tower,Eiffel Tower but in the beginning it with the creator Gustav Parisians mercilessly criticized the persecution was so boundless that it was decided to demolish the tower. Rescued her that while hoisted to the top of the antenna, and in addition it has become a source of replenishment of the treasury of the city.
Only during the time of the World Exhibition she was kidnapped 2 million people. From around the world massed tourists is to specifically look at the tallest building in the world, total height of the tower was 305 meters.
Construction, which was led by Eiffel himself, took 26 months, and it was attended by 40 engineers and draftsmen, and at low tide used 7000 tons of pig iron, is a tower of 17 thousand items. Since then began the pursuit of museums and collectors for the golden stairs, out of 20 flights of stairs, only two were donated to the French museum and one in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and the rest were sold at auctions for fabulous money.
March 1889 The Eiffel Tower is presented at the Paris World Exhibition. French engineer Gustave Eiffel manages to win by presenting his project, despite passionate protests. Tower 18 is composed of 038 parts (primarily metal), and a total weight of 10.1 tons, however, despite this tower is considered relatively easy.
In the years 1909-1910 the tower was demolished almost, but she was saved by her need for accommodation for the organization of radio broadcast the first radio transmission in the world.
The most famous work of Paris is the Eiffel Tower built by Eiffel. It was built entirely from iron without welding. The Eiffel Tower stands on the ground on four legs. Each leg covered on the ground about 150 square meters. It consists of three floors. To the second floor you can go both on the stairs as well as with the elevator. You have to pay 10 € to get to the Eiffel Tower. I went to the second floor on the stairs. Then I took the elevator to the summit.
It is 320 m high from the ground. If the weather is bright, you can see the whole city. From the second to the third floor it takes 40 seconds by elevator.
You can walk on the first, second and third floors. In the third floor were written at all corners many cities names. Then all cities far from Paris are written, which cities are from Paris in which direction (for example, West - East - South - North). On this floor at the shop window, Eiffel and Edison sat as mummy or wax figures: Eiffel, which built the Eiffel Tower. Edison, who discovered the current.
If you go to Paris, you just have to see the Eiffel Tower, if not, your friends and acquaintances you just do not understand. The tower can be seen from almost any point on view in Paris. There is no better view of Paris from the top than from the tower, it's an eyeful possible thanks to its amazing architecture and impressive size.
Positive sides.
Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris certainly is necessary to examine - a symbol of Paris and France.
It can be reached by elevator and inspect
Get an unforgettable impression on the realization of engineering solutions
The sides Negative visit.
Stand long queue
Not quite on the way
Not available lifting the top people with disabilities

The total of the visit.

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited attraction in Paris, the queues of tourists are constantly jostle around her, if you wish, you can send a postcard with a view from the post office located on the first level. More than 204 million people visit the tower have sung since 1889. The total weight is more than 10, 000 tons.
Few things symbolize Paris as the Eiffel Tower. Her species is found on postcards, paintings, books, T-shirts, and even on the interior, such as fixtures in a recognizable form. A trip to Paris simply would not be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. In addition to the tower, there are many attractions that are much older than her, with a rich history.
In Paris, there are places where the offer is not worse view of the city (to climb the stairs to the Notre Dame, climb Montparnesse or top of the Arc de Triomphe).
If you do not physically have the time to visit it is a miracle, from the center of Paris, overlooking the towers of architectural splendor.
When viewed from the Eiffel Tower you can climb to the second floor, or the elevator to the top. You will have to stand in line for one of the two lifts, the ride will take about 8 minutes. If you arrive early in the morning on a weekday, you can avoid long queuing.
Dine at a height of 95 meters is one of the activities during the visit, this property has a restaurant. On the first floor you can use a high quality restaurant Jules Verne. Levels are souvenir shops and Internet kiosks.
Address and contact information:
Located: on the Champ de Mars in the 7th District (Midwest Paris)
Metro: Bir Hakeim or Trocadero, the Military Academy
RER: Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel (line C)
Buses 42, 69, 72, 82, 87
Taxi: Quai Branly, Pilier West
Phone: +33 (0) 1 44 11 23 23
Ticket prices vary depending on how many levels you want to visit, and whether you plan to take the elevator or stairs. Climbing the stairs is always cheaper, but it can be difficult to access the top of the tower is not accessible by stairs.