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Area Bali - 5600 square meters km.
Capital of Bali - Denpasar
Population of the island - 2.5 million people and consists of a Balinese-Aboriginal, Javanese, Indians and Chinese.
Ethnic groups - the Balinese - a kind of "fusion" of Malays, Melanesians, Indians, Chinese and indigenous peoples of Indonesia
Religion - Dharma Hindu Bali
Official language Bali - official language - Indonesian. However, in tourist centers, many also speak English.
Currency - Indonesian rupiah (IDR), banknotes -100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10.000, 50.000 and 100.000 rupees. Exchange money better banks, since the exchange rate in them - the most profitable.
Bali - one of the 13,677 islands of Indonesia, located in the Indian Ocean at latitude 8° south of the equator.
One of the most popular sights for tourists - dance Kechak. It is attended by more than a hundred dancers in nabedren-GOVERNMENTAL bandages. They represent an army of monkeys under the leadership of Hanuman, the hero of the epic "Ramayana".
Bali Island, located between the islands of Java and Lombok, is considered the most assimilated tourist area of Indonesia. Here the focus chic five-star hotels and comfortable private hotels, green gardens and parks, and numerous small museums and fine embankments with beaches.
Sites around the islands are well known for its beautiful landscapes in divers around the world. All hotels presented on the island, characterized by high level of service. Virtually every have spa-center. Some resorts in Bali have water parks and amusement industry development.
Policies of many hotels on the island aimed at developing a family holiday. In the children's clubs at hotels hold special entertainment and educational programs.

Beaches of Bali

On the coast of Bali, white sand, just to the south - eastern part of the island - volcanic black, the area was little demand by tourists. Most municipal beaches, but the use of beach equipment is usually included in the price of your stay. At Nusa Dua, and is Dzhimbarane private beaches owned by hotels. Beaches Padangbay famous sands of both species. Quieter beaches are located on the eastern coast areas Candidasa and Sanrur, as well as on the northern coast near Lovina.
The most famous resort island of Bali - Kuta coast - six-kilometer strip of white sand, popular among Australian surfers and abundant countless restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.
Tides - familiar natural phenomenon on the island of Bali, taking place twice a day.
Bali is one of the most popular destinations for surfers. Best wave here is from May to September. At this time the rainy season ends, the water temperature does not drop below +28 ˚ C, and the air warms up to +30 ˚ C. Wave in Kuta is safe for beginners - it is rolled on a soft sandy beach, not rocky beach, so the main school of surfing on the island are located here. People just starting to get acquainted with surfing, it is recommended to train under control of an experienced instructor. They also help newcomers to pick up a board to explain the basic safety rules.
Travelers seeking a relaxing holiday, it is better to go in Sanur, Jimbaran, on the coast Chandi Dasa or the black volcanic sands of Lovina. All These resorts are literally made for scuba diving and CHOP-kelinga, because they have wonderful readily accessible coral reefs and rare opportunity for wreck-diving (diving to shipwrecks).


The only national park in Bali, extending for 20,000 hectares of Bali Barat, known for its diversity of plants and animals.
In Tubman Burung Bird Park location. In Desa Taro Elephant Park Elephant Safari ", and in Taman Kupu-Kupu--" Butterfly Park ".
One of the most popular sights for tourists - national dance kechak. You can go on safari on elephants. At Bali, many interesting places to amateur hot nightlife. Most discos are located in Kuta, and within a radius of 7 kilometers from its center - in Legian and Semenyak. There are many Universal places, working around the clock. On the island attracts thousands of people from around the world specially to hold the wedding here in Bali rite. Balinese wedding ceremony - the fashion trend of the last decade.
Food and Drink
Balinese ethnic cuisine generously seasoned with spices. The most popular dishes from fish and seafood under all kinds of sauces (from sweet to very sharp) with a side dish of boiled rice and vegetables - grilled, soups with vegetables or lentils, chicken dishes and beef and, of course, desserts tropical fruit and sweet rice.
The most popular dishes - Bali guling-suckling pig on a spit; Bebek Tutu - a duck with spices, wrapped in a sheet Babanova; Gado Gado Cooked with vegetables and soy peanut sauce, mi goreng, fried noodles, nasi goreng - fried rice for palm oil, sate-meat or chicken on a wooden Skewers (served with peanut sauce), Malin Pisang, Pisang goreng, or fried bananas in pastry.
We should also mention shark fin soup, we recommend to try lobster, oysters, shrimp Huge.