Holidays on the Black Sea beaches

Rest in AnapaRest in Anapa Most people know how to Anapa resort and known a great place for children's activities at sea. All this is true, because the resort here was developed in the early twentieth century, and the center of recreation for children Anapa started to do more with the 1920s. And in order for the other it has everything: the most ecologically clean sea on the Black Sea, for a long number of sunny days per year - about 300 days, 40 kilometers of beaches with fine-grained sand, four types of mineral water for drinking and dining therapeutic, curative mud and brine baths.
Rest in Vityazevo Rest in Vityazevo Most Russians Vityazevo village known only by the fact that next to him is an international airport "Anapa". People fly in there and go to swim and sunbathe in Anapa. And not in vain, because Vityazevo - is a large village with a population of more than 7000 people having good infrastructure and is located just a short drive from Anapa. Thus, a nice holiday or weekend and be in it.
Rest in Novorossiyke Rest in Novorossiyke No person in Russia who would not know the city of Novorossiysk. The hero-city, a port city and a city-transit point for trips to resort areas such as Anapa, Gelendzhik, Kabardinka Divnomorsk, Arhipo-Osipovka ... You also know Novorossiysk with those parties? And have not tried go to Novorossiysk on leave for vacation? Tell that to spend your summer vacation in a large industrial city - it's nothing to spend holidays? Then read, why should rest in Novorossiysk. Especially if you eat for the first time at sea or are traveling on the sea for their children.