Catherine Park

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Saint Petersburg Catherine Palace Park

Plan Catherine Park in Pushkin.

Catherine's parks plan

  1. Catherine Palace
  2. Cameron Gallery
  3. Ramp
  4. The upper bath
  5. The lower bath
  6. Grotto
  7. The Hermitage
  8. Triumphal Arch "My dear colleagues"
  9. Moreyskaya column
  10. Admiralty
  11. Facilities on the island
  12. Turkish Bath
  13. Chesme Column
  1. Arbour Pyramid
  2. Marble Bridge
  3. Tower of Ruin
  4. Gothic Gate
  5. Orel Gates
  6. Granite jetty
  7. Terrace
  8. Cahul obelisk
  9. Fountain "Girl with a jug"
  10. Concert Hall
  11. Kitchen Ruin
  12. Creaky pavilion
  13. Big and Small whims
  1. Lycee
  2. Monument to Pushkin-lyceum students
  3. Alexander Palace
  4. The Cross Bridge
  5. Bridge of Dragons
  6. Chinese iron bridges
  7. Large Chinese Bridge
  8. Chinese Theatre
  9. Chinese Village
  10. Chapelle
  11. Mount Parnassus
  12. Arsenal
Cameron Gallery , the Agate rooms and hanging gardens, adjacent to the palace, together with the descent in the Park - ramp (C. Cameron, 1780-1795) - are united on a plan architectural ensemble, one of the best works of Russian classical architecture.
On the second floor of the gallery a bronze bust cast by casts of antique sculptures and busts of a number of his contemporaries Catherine, including the bust of MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. Monumental staircase, decorated with statues of Hercules and Flora (the goddess of flowers) - Copies of ancient originals (F.Gordeev, V. Mozhalov, 1786).
Ramp - the last structure of C. Cameron, carried out at Life of Catherine II. Ramp pudostskim faced stone, he decorated with bas-reliefs of mythological heroes.
Upper Bath (I. Neelov, 1777-1779). Relatively modest appearance of the pavilion was combined with a luxurious interior finish. The pavilion was used as a bathhouse for the royal family. But her history was, and this episode - she was once used as a ... inn. Austrian Emperor Joseph II used to go into coaching yards or in restaurants. Knowing this, Catherine II ordered give the premises of the Upper bath view of the inn. Court attendants were dressed servants, and the role of host performed head gardener - Bour.
In 1911, after the overhaul, the pavilion has been deployed Museum to commemorate the 200 anniversary of Tsarskoe Selo.
Pavilion Lower Bath , built in conjunction with the Upper bath and served as a sauna for the court.
Грот (V.Rastrelli, 1753-1757) under Catherine II was storage location of the ancient works of art - statues casts of ancient inscriptions. Marble pier was built already in the mid-XIX century (A. Vidov).
«Fish feed» - the first artificial pond in the park. Through the channel spanned four bridges, including granite Humpbacked bridge (V. Neelov, 1770).
Hermitage (A.Kvasov, S.Chevakinskij, V.Rastrelli, 1744-1756) on its external decoration and the lush inland décor in harmony with the Catherine Palace. Was designed for small receptions and entertainment narrow range persons.
Triumphal Arch "My dear colleagues"(V.Stasov, 1818). Erected to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. All parts gates are cast iron and weigh over 100 tons. The gates were manufactured at the Ironworks in Petrozavodsk. Strikes their rate of production. May 12, 1818 Alexander I gave available to start work, and on August 17 has already examined them.
Concatenated (Lower) ponds, formed after the device dam on a creek flowing through the park. Dams are decorated boulders on which the water will run down. They got the name "Green Bridge"and "Devil's Bridge".
Catherine Park Cameron Gallery Cameron Gallery Catherine Park Upper bath
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