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Catherine Park Plan

Catherine Park
"The fatherland to us Tsarskoye Selo", - Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin told, this phrase poetic - the exaggeration of a youthful rush, a tribute of the first friendship, love which arose in these remarkable places would seem that. But if to get accustomed to this suburb of St. Petersburg, we will see that here destinies of people, history of our state were decided. At first sight Tsarskoye Selo can be bypassed in some hours and it will get acquainted with its secrets, but actually not so. Each house has the strange story and can tell about much. Who only didn't go on avenues of park and emperors and empresses, lyceum students, artists, young geniuses, many of which came to Senate Square and made a call to autocracy, on this page we continue the story about the Catherine Park being heart of Tsarskoye Selo.

Photo of Catherine Park

Continuation. The Moreysky column is established in memory of the victory won in 1770 by the Russian troops under leadership column F. Orlova on Moray's peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. Tells an inscription on a bronze board of the column strengthened on a pedestal about a feat.
Admiralty (V. Neyelov, 1773-1777). It is executed in Gothic style. The central case was used for storage of boats, in side cases rare beautiful birds took place.
"The hall on to the island" (V. Rastrelli, the 1750th) intended for placement of an orchestra of horn music when driving by boats.
Turkish bath (I. Monigetti, 1852). It is memory of victorious Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829. The pavilion has an appearance of the Turkish mosque, and at its finishing the marble jewelry sent from Adrianople was used.
Chesmensky column (A. Rinaldi, 1771-1778). The column has about 25 m of height and is decorated with marble booms. At column top - the bronze eagle breaking a half moon - a symbol of a victory of Russia over Turkey. On base are strengthened a bronze board with the inscription describing a feat of the Russian seamen at Chesm, and three bronze bas-reliefs with images of battles.
The arbor the Pyramid (Ch. Cameron, 1781), is executed in the form of a tiny Egyptian pyramid. In it at Ekaterina the antique ballot boxes and vases later transferred to the Hermitage were placed. Near a pyramid favourite doggies of the queen were buried.
The Morea ColumnAdmirclass Hall on the Island Turkish bath The Chesme Column Arbour Pyramid
The Morea Column Admiralty Hall on the Island Turkish Bath Chesme Column Arbour Pyramid
Tower of RuinMarble Bridge Orel Gates Granite jetty Terrace The Kagul obelisk
Tower of Ruin Marble Bridge Orel Gates Granite jetty Terrace Cahul obelisk
″Girl with a Jug″ fountainConcert Hall Kitchen Ruin Creaky pavilion Big and Small whims Lycee
"Girl with a Jug" fountain Concert Hall Kitchen Ruin Creaky pavilion Big and Small whims Lycee

Alexander Park

Monument to Pushkin-lyceum studentsAlexander Palace The Cross Bridge Chinese Village Chapelle Arsenal
Monument to Pushkin-lyceum students Alexander Palace The Cross Bridge Chinese Village Chapelle Arsenal

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