Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo area (Monte Carlo) - (not quite a city, as you can sometimes find) is the administrative territory of the Principality of Monaco, known for its casino and upscale hotels, founded in 1866 by King Charles III, after which it was later named.
The history of the casino originates in the middle of the century before last, the house of Grimaldi was on the verge of ruin (due to the loss of control over Menton and Roquebrune, which accounted for 80% of the territory of Monaco), at the same time it was proposed to use the best practices of the resorts Europe and attract foreign investors and build a casino, a gambling house was founded in the Condamine quarter, later they attracted financier Francois Blanc, who had successful experience in managing a casino in the German city of Bad Homburg, at his insistence, the Spelugues (“Caves”) area was renamed to Monte Carlo (“Mont Charles” in Italian) in honor of the Prince of Monaco (Prince Charles III, paired with his mother Maria Carolina, came up with the gambling house “Society of Sea Baths and the Circle of Foreigners” everything started from this).
The first gaming salon appeared in the Condamine quarter, in the area of ​​the seaport, but it did not justify itself there and already in 1857 the premises were sold, in 1863 a successful attempt was made to open a casino in a new location, in 1866 the name was changed to "Monte - Carlo", has come down to our days.
In 1878, a renovated casino was opened in Monte Carlo (the construction of a project for the opera, new premises for the casino, expanded until 1910, the famous Atrium, the hall of the Americas, appeared). The Riviera has become a place of pilgrimage for kings and queens, aristocrats, politicians, courtesans, actors, musicians, artists from all over the world.
The economic rise of Monte Carlo was also facilitated by the railway that ran from Nice to Genoa.
Due to the large influx of tourists in expensive and not very expensive cars, many cars are often stuck in traffic jams, parking here is not cheap for owners. In the principality there are houses whose height reaches 30-40 floors, one of the highest skyscrapers on the Cote d'Azur, because the city cannot grow in width, but only in height.
In order to enter the casino, you need to leave things in the cloakroom, buy an entrance ticket (money exists for that), for some games you will need a passport.
The splendor and luxury of Monte-Carlo: the Japanese Garden, the "Alley of Legs", where the great football players were noted, the Grand Casino, the Café-Paris and the Opera House. Admire the creation of the great Charles Garnier - an example of the Belle Epoque style. Those who wish can try their luck at the Casino.

Monte Carlo

Casino Monte Carlo emerged to save the Principality from bankruptcy, casino site address Casino Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo Opera HouseOpera House Cote d'Azur in Monaco Shoe made of stainless pots and lids On the streets of Monaco
The Monte Carlo Opera House is located next to the casino, on the back of the building. The sculpture of the composer Jules Massenet (1842-1912) is located near the theater, it is noteworthy that the premiere of his opera Don Quixote took place on the stage of this theater in 1910, the main part was then performed by our compatriot Chaliapin. Cote d'Azur in Monaco, in the harbor on the mooring of yachts, boats. The shoe is made of stainless steel pots and lids. Castle of the Prince of Monaco. In front of the castle On the streets of Monaco. Prince's Palace. Cathedral where Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III rested. Parliament and government buildings. The dramatic history of the principality, the ups and downs in the 19th century, the oceanographic museum and the exotic garden are all intertwined here in this wonderful place. Every day at 11 o'clock there is a changing of the guard at the Prince's Palace. A crowd of tourists gather to gawk at this action.

Casino in Monte Carlo

In a casino, a necessary condition for visiting it is compliance with a certain dress code. For the male half, a jacket and tie are required. The Casino building houses the Opera House. You can also enter the casino lobby from the street, it is not necessary to undress and hand over things. On the streets of Monte Carlo, you can find old houses next to high-tech. Ordinary tourists can spend time while in the city: during the day - visiting the beach, museums, go to shops, in the evening - of course, these are performances and a restaurant, at night - colorful shows and casinos, to each according to his tastes. A visit to the Princely Palace of the Grimaldi family is a must in the program.

Monte Carlo Casino

In the photo there is an entrance along the steps to the Monte Carlo casino, almost from lunch there are always a lot of people who want to get inside or just staggering tourists to gawk. There is an underground passage to the casino from the nearby Hotel de Paris.

Photo: Casino in Monte Carlo looks like a palace, it is open daily (except May 1st) from noon until morning. Persons under the age of 21 are allowed to visit, the casino-palace works as a museum during the day, excursions for tourists are held in the morning. Guard on guard of the palace. Two he and she are Adam and Eve, there is a belief that if you touch the causal place of a man, you will be lucky in the game. Sculpture "Queen Mariana" by the famous Spanish sculptor Manolo Valdes on the embankment of Monte Carlo, located near the casino. There are many sculptures in the city: one of them is a sculpture of the flowing time in Monte Carlo.
Local residents are prohibited from visiting and playing in the casino, indigenous people, who make up 16%, receive interest from the income of the casino, but they can use these funds upon reaching the age of majority. The best time of the year to visit the casino is April, May, September, October - there are not many tourists and it is not hot.
At the entrance, you are greeted by a bronze sculpture of good luck or Fortune, holding a cornucopia in his hands and next to souvenirs with casino symbols. The main hall is the Atrium on 28 columns, on the right side of this hall you can get to the Opera House and the La Rotonde cafe, here are the ticket offices for the opera.
On the left side of the lobby there are a number of gaming rooms following one after another:
  • - Renaissance Hall,;
  • - Hall of the Americas;
  • - White Hall.
Casino income is distributed as follows:
  • - 30% goes to the income of the Monegasques - the indigenous population;
  • - 30% goes to the improvement of the principality;
  • - 40% is deducted to the treasury of the Prince of Monaco.

Casino tourists

Monte Carlo Casino and luxury cars nearby, the most beautiful square in front of the entrance, one of the largest in the Principality.

Expensive cars at the casino The clock on the casino Russian casino numbers Cafe near the Casino Monte Carlo The luxury of Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo
Everyone who at least once dreamed of visiting the Principality of Monaco, whose history goes back to the distant past, when staying here, why not visit the world-famous Casino, and having free time to go to the best boutiques and jewelry stores, go along the "golden mile", have a cup of coffee in the famous cafe. In the area and near the casino there are expensive, well-known brands of executive class cars, the owners of which, thereby, are trying to show their condition, you can see expensive brands of cars around the city - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bentley, etc. Frequent guests are also cars with Russian numbers, as a rule, these are metropolitan numbers.

How to get to the casino

The easiest way to get to the casino is to fly from St. Petersburg or Moscow to the Cote D'Azur airport, which is located in Nice, regular flights of Russian airlines fly there. You can buy a round-trip plane ticket to the Cote d'Azur.
Alternatively, you can get to Monaco by train, bus or car. There is an option to fly in by helicopter - every day, 20-minute flights are connected with the arrival and departure of aircraft from the airport in Nice Cote D'Azur.
Casino address: Place du Casino
98000 Monaco, tel. 00 3777 98 06 21 21

Photo Monte Carlo

The road to the casino Cars in Monaco to the square in front of the casino Hermitage Hotel On the street of Monaco
There are enough cars on the streets of Monaco, many of them are prestigious brands. On the square, next to the casino, is the 5-star Hotel Hermitage, opposite the Place Beaumarchais and a few steps from the famous Place du Casino. Car parking at the hotel is 38 € per day, the Diamond Suite costs up to 12,000.00 € per day (maybe more), and the superior room costs 361.00 €.
The area in the suites is 200 m² (includes a terrace with a solarium from 95 m²), 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, with a large terrace on the second level on the roof, terrace with jacuzzi, sun loungers, pergola and dining area with sea view, room service 24h /24h Allows you to have free entry to all Casinos, a private beach and a 50% discount on the right to play at Monte-Carlo Golf Club and Monte-Carlo Country Club (23 tennis courts).
To facilitate orientation in the principality, there are colorful signs and stained-glass windows on the streets.
Hotel de Paris

Entrance to the Hotel de Paris located on the square next to the Monte Carlo Casino.

Cafe Paris Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo Casino Monaco signs Cafe in Monaco Shopping in Monaco
A cafe with the same name De Paris, sitting in a cafe De Paris is a sign of special chic, from here you can see the entire square in front of the casino and the visiting public in luxury cars, there is free Wi-Fi and you can order a dish from Monegasque cuisine. Casino entrance.

Monte Carlo

Casino Monte Carlo Monte-Carlo Monte-Carlo On the streets of Monaco Park in Monaco On the street of Monaco
The architecture of the beautiful baroque casino building. Warning signs that it is forbidden to do in the territory of the park located near the casino. There are many waterfowl in the park, including ducks. The Center Commercial le Metropole is located at:
17 Avenue des Spélugues, 98000 Monaco, Monaco,
+377 93 50 15 36. It is known not only for its shops (where you can find everything from home electronics, CDs, furniture to clothes, restaurants) but also for the car museum, where you can have a great shopping experience.
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