Monaco Prince s Palace

In Monaco, the Prince's Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. The palace is the keeper of ancient traditions, located in a unique place on top of a cliff, it was built on the site of a former fortress built by the Genoese in 1215, now this district Monaco-Ville is called.
Next to the Palace is the figure of a monk. According to one of the chroniclers, François Grimaldi, disguised as a Franciscan monk, he managed to enter the fortress, after which the gates were opened to his soldiers. For this, the people called him the Evil One, in memory of this event, two Franciscan monks with drawn swords, in the form of shield holders, found their place on the coat of arms of the principality.
Sculpture of a monk Today, anyone can admire the beauty of this palace, see the expositions and visit the premises.
Italian gallery and frescoes of the XV century in the south facade, Louis XV salon in gold and yellow tones, Blue Room, a harmonious combination of blue and gold; the Mazarin Salon, decorated with colorful wood panelling; the Throne Room with an impressive renaissance fireplace; the Palatine Chapel built in the 17th century, the Tower of St. Mary (Saint Mary) built of white stone quarried in La Turbie, the Palace Square and the white marble staircase of the 17th century lined with Carrara marble.
The princely palace consists of rooms, the situation in them is the same as several hundred centuries ago, the rooms are draped with brocade and on the walls are the works of famous artists:
  • - Mirror Gallery - reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles;
  • - Blue room for celebrations, upholstered in blue silk brocade, Venetian chandeliers on the ceiling;
  • - Red room furnished in Louis XV style;
  • - The Yellow Room - the former bedroom of Louis XV;
  • - Mazarin's room, Italian furniture brought from France by Cardinal Mazarin.

In addition to this palace, the monarch has residences around the world and the most expensive are in France.

What to see:
  • Prince's Palace
  • Oceanographic Museum
  • Saint Nicholas Cathedral
  • Palace of Justice - see the details of the architecture from the outside (no entry)
  • Ancient tools
  • Saint Martin's Gardens
  • Change of sentries

General view of the Prince's Palace

The Prince's Palace in Monaco has been home to the royal family for eight centuries, and consists of four parts: the residential wing of the Prince of Monaco, the official wing (chancery and offices), the front wing with dining rooms, guest bedrooms and ceremonial halls, the church. Tourists are allowed to visit only the front part.

Prince's Palace Prince's Palace Castle in Monaco Flag on the tower Castle of the Prince of Monaco
Napoleon Museum and the collection of historical archives of the Prince's Palace are located in the southern wing of the palace.
Work schedule. Open daily:
From April 2 to October 31, except Saturday and Sunday and during Formula 1 F1, Grand Prix.
April, May, June, September and October from 10 am to 6 pm (last admission 5:30 pm).
July and August: 10:00 to 19:00 (last entry 6:30 pm).
Closed from November 1 to April 1.
Prices (per person):
   Adults: 8 €.
   Children aged 8 to 14 and students: €4.
You can purchase paired tickets: visiting the Palace and the Oceanographic Museum.
   For adults the price is 19 €.
   For young people aged 13-18, students €11.
   For children 8-12 years old - 8 €, children 4-7 years old - 7 €.
Tickets are valid only in the current year from April 2 to October 31.
Pair tickets: Palace and collection of cars collected by Prince Rainier III.
   Adults: €11.50.
   Children (8-14 years old) and students : 5 €.
Additional Information. Address du Palais, Tel: + 377 93 25 18 31, Fax: + 377 93 50 81 73, www., by train Monaco-Monte Carlo station.

Changing of the Guard

To visit the territory of the palace and not see the solemn change of sentries and guards is considered to be a loss.
Changing of the Guard of Monaco

Photo - changing of the guard. The army of Monaco has 82 soldiers and the military band has 85 musicians - this is the only country where the army is smaller than the military band.

Prince's Palace Guard Dove and cannon Changing of the Guard Changing sentries Changing of the Guard changing sentries
The flag of Monaco flutters on the Prince's Palace, which means that His Highness is in the palace. Visitors to the palace are always interested in watching the changing of the guard, at this moment the main attention is focused on this ritual, it takes place daily at 11:55, in the right picture, when zoomed in, this time on the clock tower is clearly visible.
ancient guns old guns cannon balls ancient gun
Carabinieri carry out guard duty and, in necessary cases, ensure the safety of His Highness by organizing an honorary escort in solemn rituals, in addition to protecting public order in the country. On the square in front of the Prince's Palace (pl. du Palais) there is a battery of military guns, which were cast back in the era of Louis XIV.

Through the streets of Monaco

Palace Square Palace of Monaco Monaco Palace Monaco Palace
Defibrillator Palace of Monaco Notary office Cote d'Azur of Monaco
Photo of Palace Square. To provide urgent assistance on the streets of Monaco, bright orange cases are installed, these are medical defibrillators. Opposite the palace itself is the old town with its narrow streets, where tourists buy souvenirs.

With the help of God

Next to the Palace of Justice on a fragment of a building in Monaco: the motto "Deo Juvante", which means "With the help of God" in translation.

Principality of Monaco Principality of Monaco Monaco cafe Notary in Monaco
At the entrance there is a sign - Rey Henry Notary Office (2, Rue Colonel Bellando de Castro VC 98000 Monaco) on Monaco Street, here you can register real estate, which is not cheap here.

Palace of Justice

On the same square, the notable Palace of Justice began construction in 1924, the opening took place in 1930.

Monaco Monaco Monaco Streets of Monaco
Cathedral Monaco Telecom On the streets of Monaco
In the photo Palace of Justice or Palace of Justice, opened in 1930, excursions are not conducted here, sea tuff was used during construction - a stone consisting of small pebbles and mollusk shells. The building was built in the Gothic style, on the facade there is a bust of Prince Honore II, through whose efforts in 1634 the principality received recognition of independence from France. Very beautiful unusual architecture of the building, large arched windows and side stairs.
Monaco Cathedral. In the photo, the walls of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas made of white stone (address 4 Rue Colonel Bellando de Castro, 98000 Monaco), currently serves as the tomb of the princes of Monaco. Services are held in the cathedral, concerts and festivals of organ music are organized.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, here are the tombs of the princes of Monaco, representatives of thirty-five generations of the Grimaldi family are buried. The cathedral is active, services are held only on holidays and November 19 - the day of the Prince of Monaco - is a local national holiday. The stone from which the church is built has an amazing property: it can bleach when it rains.

Monaco Cathedral Princess Grace Kelly Monaco Cathedral

Grace Kelly - Hollywood star married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, they met at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, becoming Princess Grace decided to end her career as an actress and come to grips with family affairs, she gave birth to three children, won love and respect for the inhabitants of the state, but a tragic car accident interrupted her life in 1982, she was buried in the family tomb, in the cathedral.

Côte d'Azur of Monaco

From Palace Square, surrounded by ancient cannons and pyramids of cannonballs, wonderful panoramic views of Monaco open up to the port of Monte Carlo and the Fontvieille area.

Côte d'Azur of Monaco Cote d'Azur of Monaco Cote d'Azur Monaco Cote d'Azur of Monaco
Next to the Prince's Palace there is an observation deck from which you can admire the opening views of Monaco on the port of Fontvieille (Port de Fontvieille), on the other side of the port is the district of Fontvieille. One of the photos shows arches - part of the bridge of St. Devota, behind them, inside the rock, is the station.

Oceanographic Museum

Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium Japanese Garden. If you walk from the museum to the princely palace, it will take no more than 5-7 minutes.

Cousteau Monaco Museum

Monte-Carlo Oceanographic Museum, metal figure of a shark.

Cousteau Museum Entrance to the Cousteau Museum Museum in Monaco Cousteau Museum Ticket Office
Monaco Theatre Monaco On the way to the Cousteau Museum
Facade of the museum, photo of Oceanography from the sea. There are such figures in front of the Cousteau Museum. Entrance to the museum. Panorama of the majestic museum of the oceanographer of France. Tourists from different countries and continents stand in line for tickets. Open air theater in Monaco. Saint Martin's Gardens.

Albert I monument

Saint Martin's Gardens, a monument to Albert I famous for a number of invented instruments and techniques for exploring the ocean.

Monaco St Martin Gardens Girl with two faces Statue in Monaco Park
Alberto I himself went to sea and initiated the creation of an oceanographic museum. The director of this museum was the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous researcher Cousteau was the director of the museum for 32 years (from 1957 to 1989). Next to the museum are the gardens of Saint-Martin. Sculpture of a girl with two faces - this can be seen if you approach from the other side. It looks like she has a very full head of hair, which is actually part of the hair in the second face image. If you look closely at the sculpture of a seated woman in the park, you can easily see the polished parts of the body touched by visitors.

Video Changing of the guard at the Prince's Palace of Monaco

Many visitors to Monaco and the Prince's Palace want to see the changing of the guard at the palace. Address of the Prince's Palace:
Palais du Prince, MC 98000 Monaco-Ville, Monaco.
How to get there: by bus to Monaco-Ville, 1 and 2, stop Terminus Monaco-Ville, (terminus of the line).