The Dead Sea, Israel

The dead sea trip, photo
The dead sea is the lowest point of the planet. in almost 33% hydrochloric solution drown it is impossible, the water and the air are very warm, here is a special atmosphere, on the shore of the sea are resort hotel towns with sandy beaches and all kinds of SPA.
This place is special, unique in the world of its kind in the world's largest natural SPA:
- mineral salt,
- special water,
- therapeutic mud,
- air and the sun.
The mineral-rich water has the highest in the world contents of salt, ten times higher-than-normal sea water 320 Mg salt per liter of water, to make such a pushing force that float in the Dead sea may each. In abundance and there is black mud rich in minerals, which is applied to the body and used as a mud mask, mud unusually health including for diseases of the skin. Hot natural sources of supply of water rich in minerals, especially gray, contributing to the therapeutic features of the Dead sea. Mineral water filled baths at the local health centres. Here in one place is concentrated several types of natural therapy in the presence of a qualified medical supervision. Being at sea for less than to persons hazardous exposure to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum (12% less), and therefore more can be located on the sun is not afraid to get burned.

Photo Dead sea, Israel

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On the way to the sea Date grove The Road Israel The Greenhouses Israel out of the window of the bus The dead sea

On the way to the sea, palm grove. This type of greenhouses. On the way from the airport to the sea.

View from the window of the bus Hotel Leonardo Leonardo 4* The road to the beach The view of the hotel Leonardo 5* beach in front of him

View from the window of the bus. Hotel "Leonardo" 4* is located on the second line, 300m from the sea. "Leonardo Plaza" 5*- beach area

View to the Dead sea Panorama from the window of room The Dead Sea A beautiful view of the Dead sea Swimming Pool

View from the rooms of the hotel on the Dead sea panorama. Swimming Pool

Treatment at the Dead sea

Thalassotherapy. Treatment of psoriasis.
The dead sea is not quite the sea, and deep sand lake, length of 58 and a width of 17km, according to the forecasts of scientists of the fate of the sea can find out the fate of fellow-lake Aral, who had disappeared in front of our eyes. The sea is included in the final contest of the seven natural wonders of the world (the salvation of natural objects).
The dead sea and all that is around it is an amazing place on earth, the real wonder of nature.
Israeli salt miracle, not having analogues in the world. Here, at a depth of 417 meters below sea level, like in the careful hands, lies one of the most wonderful pearls of world of nature. The dead sea is the sea of life. Thanks to the numerous minerals, contained in water, medicinal oxygen and pairs of bromine in the air, unusual mud at the bottom, hot sulphur springs, the sun's rays, the Dead sea has become an incredibly popular in the whole world health resort.


The view in front of the hotel Dead Sea resorts Dead Sea resorts Dead Sea resorts Dead Sea resorts Dead Sea resorts

The road to the beach. You can take a free bus or walk, the entrance to the beach area through the "Leonardo Plaza" free, on the map of the hotel is issued beach towel.

on the shore of the Dead sea The sparrows, the beach of the Dead sea the beach of the Dead sea shore of the Dead sea Treatment of the Dead sea SPA procedures Israel

On the beach of the Dead sea sun beds, tents, chairs, shower, drinking water is in the cooler is included in the price

In The Distance Leonardo Club Dead Sea HOTEL Dead Sea HOTEL Dead Sea HOTEL Dead Sea HOTEL Dead Sea HOTEL

On The Left "Leonardo Club" In the hotel restaurant: breakfast buffet, breakfast and dinner. A selection of delicious and qualitatively prepared dishes. The Dead Sea has become a popular destination for medical tourism.

The Vegetables. The dead sea Dead Sea Israel hotels Dead Sea Israel hotels Healing powers of the Dead Sea Dead Sea Israel hotels Dead Sea Israel hotels

Fruits and vegetables all year round. In front of the hotel. The road to the beach. The entrance of the hotel. In the room.Healing powers of the Dead Sea.

Some of the recommendations of stay at the DEAD SEA

It is not recommended to run into the water, diving and swimming. Go in the sea is calm and going to the waist then sit down and leaning as on the back of the chair, the water quietly raise you as поплавочек, you get used to the state of weightlessness. The stomach is not recommended to go because with it, hard to get up and the greater the probability of hit of water on the face, mouth, eyes on. If suddenly it happened, that in no case do not panic while in the water, yes it is unpleasant it may cause burns to the skin on the face, so we must calmly get on their feet and get out of the water and head for the soul located on the beach. In people who have high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease in the water it is recommended to is up to 5 minutes once, the rest several times up to 15 minutes. After the last procedure of bathing in the Dead sea it is recommended to wash in the shower, using the helium or soap, the reasons for this are:
for sensitive skin it threatens irritation, after the start sweating, salt is manifested white salt coating speaking at these places;
- badly washed away glycerin on the clothes of leaves greasy stains, they do not appear and as a result of clothing may be damaged.
Tourists come here from all over the world only with the purpose to rest and undergo numerous SPA - procedures, but also to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, see the various sights. And natural phenomena here: a lot of salt "sculpture", which grew on the banks of the serene sea, the remains of ancient settlements, found on the slopes of the hills, the springs, flowing at the foot of the rocks.
Here you can go on a hiking or riding on a camel, jeep or biking, or do снеплингом - descent from the rocks on the rope.

Map of the Dead Sea, Israel.

Map Dead Sea Israel
The Fortress Of Massada

In three kilometers from the edge of the Dead sea at a height of 450m is the legendary fortress of Masada is a fortress, one of the palace of Herod the Great. Impregnable rock in the desert away from the eyes of men for asylum and storage of the king's gold, king Herod that was for the fear of revenge. From all sides surrounded by steep cliffs, just by the sea leads to the top of the narrow so-called. "Snake's path". Now upstairs can be reached by a funicular railway. Flat trapezoid plateau size of 600 m at 300m Herod surrounded strong fortress walls, thickness 4m with 37 towers, inside were built palaces, baths, weapons and food stocks, reservoir, north of the palace has a three-tier, in the upper floor housed the living quarters of the king and of his family, the middle tier of reception for high-ranking guests and the lowest floor with views of the sea. The frescoes of the walls were made of marble. A special pride of the merits of the water supply system, especially it was after the death of Herod, for which Masada was the last stronghold of the rebels in the Jewish war in the 70-ies of our era after the capture of the roman legions of Jerusalem. 15000 romans besieged the fortress of Massada.