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The most important thing for what promised to visit the country - Israel, this visit to Jerusalem. In the center of the Old city, with a history, in which are the main shrines of religions:
- The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre;
- The Dome of the Rock situated on the Temple mount;
- The Wailing Wall.
The old town is surrounded by a wall and he himself is divided into four quarters:
- jewish;
- Armenian;
- christian;
- muslim.
The History of Jerusalem began with David Castle, it grew out of the ancient hananskiiy and the israeli Jerusalem. To the East of the Old City is the mount of Olives on the bark to the christian shrines and churches. At the foot of the mountains in the valley of Kidron according to the legend is the tomb of Mary.

From the history of the temple

Three thousand years ago, this city has won the king David, who intended to build the first permanent temple for the worship of the one god, but this temple was destined to build his son Solomon who erected the temple on mount Moriah, better known as Temple mount. The Temple of Solomon stood up to 586 bc, he was razed to the ground Babylonian invaders.
After the conquest of Babylon Persian king Cyrus in 538 g bc issued a decree on restoration of the temple of Jerusalem was built. In the future the temple was reconstructed and stood for no more than a hundred years, fragments of the temple is the famous wall of Weeping, located on the west side, etc. The total length of the walls is about 1500m, the amount of 500 to 300 meters, and surrounds the Temple mount on all four sides, the height of the wall reaches 45 m, the thickness of the walls at the base of around 5m, is in terms of laying the Egyptian pyramids, some blocks are by weight 50-70t.
Gorge Геены Fire. Geena fire place where the burned waste and here burned rapists, murderers, was filled with smoke and fire, awful smell, it was two thousand years ago in the times of Jesus and is the valley of the court. The hyena fiery this is the entrance to hell.
Except through the gates into the city there is another way. 'Abdu'l-Hamid II, the last sultan of the Turkish empire specially rebuilt Old town district, built a road and a fountain as in Europe. For the convenience of the governor William, was made a breach in the wall that you could drive a six horses to the holy Sepulcher.
In the holy Sepulchre in four hours of the start of the service.

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Panorama Jerusalem. Mount of Olives where the cemetery is the most expensive in the world. According to legend, when the mission comes to Jerusalem it will be the first here, and gather resurrected soul, they first go to heaven. When the Jews come to the cemetery, they do not leave flowers here, and leave the stones, because the flowers do not grow in the desert, and the stones are always at hand - a symbol of what a person visited the grave. Houses are very close and you can walk on the roofs of both streets. From one point of the city one can see the most important sights of Jerusalem.

Old Jerusalem photos Old Jerusalem photos Church of the holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

The Holy Sepulcher is composed of three main buildings: the church at Calvary Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of the Resurrection. The temple is divided between the five churches, each of which belongs to a certain part, and know the difference between the Armenian, Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Coptic churches, and understand the importance of every corner of the temple is possible only with the help of a professional guide.

The stone of anointing A statue of saint Helena Jerusalem Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

Anointing Stone. Statue of St. Helena in the chapel of the Finding of the Cross. Holy Sepulcher. In the temple of the Holy Sepulcher are past 5 stations of the Cross of Jesus Christ. At the 10th station with his clothes ripped (on the floor illustration scene is lined with mosaics), three stations (11-13) are arranged to each other and marked the altar, in the place of Jesus nailed to the cross, after the cross and was raised here Jesus' body removed from the cross. The stone of anointment. A statue of saint Helena in the chapel of the Finding of the Cross. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre.

Jerusalem Jerusalem The Mosque of the Dome of the rock Wailing wall Jerusalem Jerusalem

Mosque Dome of the Rock. Wall of Tears. At the Wailing Wall has its own rules: women should be treated with the right hand, and the men left. Women have less land, because that woman is allowed to pray everywhere: in the kitchen, in the bedroom and anywhere. And men can pray only in certain places. A Jew going to the Wailing Wall must conduct the ritual ablution, it is enough to wash your hands typing in a jar of water and wash the first one hand, then clean his hand to take the pitcher and wash the second hand, it went away saying "one hand washes". The name came from the wall, the Jews of the world for 2000 years crying or just prayed and asked for to ever return to the promised land, that they would have had their own state. In the 20th century, their wish was fulfilled by the UN resolution they received on the territory of which is now the state of Israel. And at the Wailing Wall by inertia asking people to fulfill their desires. From the Wailing Wall is necessary to depart a person, what would your wish will come true. Once a month, all notes are collected and buried in special containers on the Mount of Olives. But today we can not even come and fill his message on a special website, print it out and carry to the Wall while respecting all the necessary procedures and ceremonies, the whole process filmed and spread on the Internet. The Mosque of the Dome of the rock. Wailing wall.

Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem

Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumption is located on Mount Zion, outside the old city walls. Tomb of the Virgin Mary.

Israel Jerusalem On the streets of Jerusalem Israel Jerusalem The church of all nations. Jerusalem Israel Jerusalem Israel Jerusalem

On the streets of Jerusalem. The church of all nations.

After the arrest of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, the night held on Thursday evening in the courtyard of the father-in-law of the high priest, he was taken to the court. A trial took place in Pretoria, in the Gospel this place is called "the courtyard paved with stones" (there was the fortress of Pontius Pilate, the roman governor of Judea, which pronounced the death sentence against Jesus Christ). It is located in the east of the city and found by archeologists, is a giant slabs weighing up to three tons, which paved with a huge chunk of territory, where the tenth legion "Fretenzis".
The custom of the time required, so that the offender had been sentenced to death held through the whole town, included in one of the gates, and went out with the opposite side. The offender was walking around town with a sign on which the written all of his crimes, in the case of Jesus there was written "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews", thus appearing all the rest, that ends the conflict with the Roman empire.

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