Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Alexander Nevsky Lavra City Sculpture Museum Nevsky Prospect, 179/2 (I-14), Tel. +7-812-274-26-35.
11 - 18 except Thurs.,
m "Alexander Nevsky Square"
City Sculpture Museum is located in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery and includes Lazarevskoye (Necropolis of XVIII century), Tikhvin (Necropolis of Masters of Arts) cemetery, Lazarus and the Annunciation church-tomb, singing body. Alexander Nevsky Monastery was founded by Peter I in 1710, it was built to commemorate the victory in 1240, Prince Alexander of Novgorod Yaroslavovych over the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva.
One of the oldest buildings is the Church of the Annunciation Monastery (Tresini 1717-1722). The monastery was opened cemetery - Lazarevskoye and Tikhvin. They, as well as in churches, shrines and Lazarian Annunciation buried prominent people of that time, the original associates of Peter I, and then government officials, military leaders, scientists, writers, composers, artists, members of the aristocracy, etc. Among them - an associate of Peter V.M.Dolgorukov, B.P.Sheremetev, AA Wade, the great military leader Alexander Suvorov, scientists MV Lomonosov, the mathematician Leonhard Euler, inventor A. Nartov, architects Voronihin, A. Zakharov, Quarenghi, F.Toma de Tomon, statesmen C. Yu.Vitte, N.Mordvinov, widow of A. Pushkin NN Lansky and many others whose names are entered into the history of Russia ...
Tombstones and Monuments have high artistic merit and performed by prominent architects and sculptors of the time - I. Vitali, I. Martos, B. Demuth-Malinovsky, A. Voronikhin etc. In 1932, the museum was founded necropolis. In connection with the destruction of the old cemeteries of Leningrad, the necropolis was made Reburial many prominent figures of culture and art, have been transferred most precious works of gravestones.
In 1939, a necropolis was transformed into the State Museum of Urban Sculpture. In its administration was transferred all city monuments and plaques. In 1941-1942. museum staff was removed from the pedestals, masked and covered more than 200 of the most valuable monuments. Is currently under supervision and restoration of monuments and plaques.
The museum retained copyrights models almost all the monuments of the city, opened a special exhibition, "The monumental sculpture of St. Petersburg." Here you can see the models of monuments that adorn our city, and those that for some reason have not been built or have been lost ...