The House of Peter I

The House of Peter I House of Peter 1
Petrine nab., 6. Tel. +7-812-232-45-76. 10-17 except Tues and last mon. month m "Gorky" House of Peter - the oldest building in town, the first residence of Peter I in St. Petersburg.
The cabin was built 24-26 May 1703 of hewn pine logs. According to tradition, Peter himself was involved in its construction.
The lodge has a length of about 18 m, a width of 6 meters and a height of 5.7 It was covered with shingles, pine shingles - on the roof were reinforced wooden mortar and painted with glowing core wicks in a sign that the house belonged to Captain bombardier company.
Outside the house is painted a brick inside the Dutch style upholstered canvas. The cabin room and dining room separated by a porch.
In 1723 following Peter around the house was built gallery with a roof in 1844 was built around a brick protective case.
In 1874 was built a cast-iron fence, and in 1875, before the house was a bronze bust of Peter I (Sculptor Zabello).
In 1903, the promenade in front of a house was clad in granite, and four years later before it was brought from Manchuria installed sculptures of mythological lions frogs. Since 1930, the house of Peter I is a museum.
The house expositions telling about Russia's victory in the Northern War, the founding of St. Petersburg, as well as household items are XVIII century that belonged to Peter, including those made by himself.