The Summer Palace

The Summer palace of Peter the greatTHE SUMMER PALACE of PETER I Nab. Kutuzov, 2.
Tel.+ 7-812-314-04-56. During the summer (May to October) from 10-17 except Tuesday and last Monday of the month. Summer Palace of Peter I is located in the northeastern part of the Summer Garden, on the banks of the Neva. Built in 1710-1714. (D. Trezzini) in the forms of Petrine baroque. The exterior is decorated with reliefs of mythological themes, celebrating the victory of Russia in the Northern War (A. Schluter). In the interiors of the palace attended by A. Schluter, N. Michetti, M. Zemtsov. Of particular value are preserved up to our time picturesque ceiling lamps, carved oak and walnut panels, tile stoves. After Peter's death the palace was used by members of the royal family and various dignitaries. He was exposed to significant alterations, a significant part of the items related to Peter, was lost.
In the late XIX century, during the Summer Palace staged a variety of historical and art exhibitions. After the October revolution the palace was taken under protection of the state, it was organized by the historical museum, dedicated to the epoch of Peter I. During the Great Patriotic war, the most valuable exhibits of the have been taken out, the building was covered with camouflage paint, windows closed shields. The palace had suffered considerable damage. After repair in 1947 palace it was opened for visitors.
n the early 60s. has been conducted and restoration of the palace, rebuilt the interiors of the XVIII century. Currently on display are the original furniture of the palace early XVIII century, household items, clothes and personal belongings of Peter I and Catherine I. Beautiful decorated and furnished second floor, which housed the room Peter's wife, Catherine. Submitted by Peter bought in Holland a unique wind instrument associated with the weather vane on the roof and showing the wind speed and direction.