The Mikhailovsky Castle

Engineers Mikhailovsky Castle Sadovaya Str., 2. Tel.+7-812-570-51-12. 10 - 18 except Tues, m. "Nevsky Prospekt"
Engineers (Mikhailovsky) Castle was built V.Brenna (1797-1800). In 1800, the castle was the equestrian statue of Peter I (BK Rastrelli, F. Volkov, 1744-1746) with the words, "great-grandfather's great-grandson."
The castle looked like a fortress from all sides was surrounded by a moat filled with water and guarded by soldiers. November 1, 1800, Paul moved to a new palace, it is the night of March 12, 1801 he was killed by conspirators.
After the murder of Paul castle was abandoned until 1819, when it housed Engineering College. Later it housed Nicholas Academy of Engineering and other institutions of the Ministry of Defence. After the revolution, the castle housed the Military Engineering School and Academy.
During the siege of the castle of Engineers had suffered significant damage. In the period of 1947-1962 years. Castle was restored. Currently, the Engineers' Castle passed to the Russian Museum, which places it in their expositions and exhibitions. There is a restoration of the castle, will not only finish the restoration of the magnificent interiors of the castle, but to restore the original appearance surrounding territory - the channels around, bridges, etc.
Once during guard duty at the Summer Palace, Elizabeth was a soldier in the glow of a young man who identified himself as the Archangel Michael. Archangel told the sentry go at once to the emperor and say that the old Summer Palace has to be destroyed and in its place was built the church of the Archangel Michael. Soldiers carried out the order of the saint, to which I, Paul replied: "His will shall be done."
This place is on the banks of two rivers - Moika and Fontanka, since the Summer Garden - was chosen by Catherine I, began the construction of this modest Summer Palace. Palace finished as early as the reign of Anna Ivanovna, who loved him and willingly spent there during the summer months. But that's why the next queen, Elizabeth, at the enthronement ordered to destroy the palace, sharply reminds her long years of humiliation and resentment. At the same time she ordered BF Rastrelli new wooden Summer Palace.
In old pictures, you can see what it was gorgeous, a huge building with a garden, galleries for the Passage of a summer garden, terraces and fountains. No coincidence that this palace but chose Catherine II to receive official congratulations on his accession to the throne. For Paul, this palace I had a special significance. Here in 1754 he was born. Here begins the painfully long, more than forty years, the path to the throne. Inclined to mysticism. Paul once uttered that he would like to die in this holy and sworn to the correct place. Perhaps, it can be assumed that the foregoing legend has official origin. So it was important to emphasize the emperor as divine appearance of the castle, and the obligatory performance of the designs above. In one legend Paul hour hearing, said: "Yes, I saw it in a dream." Anyway, Paul ordered to demolish the building of the Summer Palace, and in its place to begin construction of the castle project VI Bazhenov. The new palace was built in the style of a medieval castle in the shape of which has been guessed superstitious mystical state of mind of the emperor. Lock on all sides was surrounded by waters Sinks, Fontanka River and two specially dug canals - the Church and the Resurrection - and connected with the outside world via the Chain Bridge, the lift at night. Armed guards on duty round the clock at the entrance to the gloomy pit octagonal courtyard. Isolated from the city, the castle inspired both reverent awe and panic.