Yusupov Palace

Historic Monument Yusupov Palace

Yusupovsky dvorets YUSUPOV PALACE Moika Embankment, 94. Tel. +7-812-314-32-39. 12 - 16 daily.
The Yusupov Palace is one of the few surviving mansions of our time, which saved layout and decoration, typical of houses of the nobility of the XIX century, an outstanding monument of the Classical period. From 1830 to 1917 the palace was in possession of the Yusupov family - one of the wealthiest families in Russia.
In the years 1919-1925 it was used as the Palace Museum, and later - as a cultural center educators. During the siege of Leningrad in the palace housed the hospital. Shelling and bombing the palace had suffered significant damage. In 1946-1955 Mr. palace was restored. In 1973-1978 he was made a comprehensive restoration of the palace interiors. Restoration continues. From the palace of one of the linked pages of Russian history - the murder in 1916 the king's favorite Grigory Rasputin. At present the palace is situated Cultural educators, but for visitors guided tours.