The Sampson Cathedral

ST. Samson Cathedral  The Sampson Cathedral.
St. Sampson Cathedral. Museum-Monument Great Sampsonievsky, 41 (B-10). Tel. +7-812-542-01-63, m "Vyborg"
Cathedral is one of the first churches in St. Petersburg. It stands on the spot where Peter I in 1709 built a wooden church in memory of the victory at Poltava. In 1728, construction began on a new, stone, cathedral. The construction of the church has been slow, and only in 1740 was consecrated the main altar.
Composition typical of ancient temple architecture - topped the bulbous head faceted dome on a high drum with dining room and a multi-tiered hipped bell tower, topped with a bulbous head. On the side walls of the lower tier bell tower is a memorial plaque dedicated to the heroes of the Battle of Poltava. Before the council again, after a 70-year hiatus, is a monument to Peter I (M. Antokolsky).
Decoration of the cathedral is a five-tier carved wooden iconostasis (icon filled A. Kvashnin Pospelov and T. A. Bazhenov), carved canopy Altar and throne.
In the enclosure of the temple from the south-west side of the monument at the grave of AP Volynsky P.M.Eropkina A.F.Hruscheva and executed in 1740 for plotting against Biron. July 8 (June 27, 1740) - St. Petersburg brutally executed Artemy Volynsky (b. 1689), the enemy of Biron, in 1738, the cabinet minister of the Empress Anna Ivanovna, in the years 1719-30, Astrakhan and Kazan governor. Charged with the thoughts of the seizure of the throne. Volyn family owned an estate with extensive grounds of Batu in Vichugsky region. Were also executed and P.M.Eropkin A.F.Hruschev.
Volyn was sentenced to a cutting tongue with subsequent planted on a stake, which is then replaced by the wheel, quartering and beheading. But Anna of rendered him even more "mercy": after cutting language Volyn was executed by cutting off the hands and head.
Adjoined to the temple two cemeteries-Orthodox and heterodox, closed at the end of XVIII century. There have been buried first architect of the city - Trezzini Schluter, Leblon, sculptor Rastrelli. The memorial monument "the first builder of St. Petersburg" (Shemyakin). Cathedral was restored in 1909 and in 1980-1990. Cathedral is a branch museum-monument St. Isaac's Cathedral. It periodically hold worship.
Sampson Cathedral today consists of three buildings - the main temple, the bell tower and the chapel. In 1938 the cathedral was closed, and then place his ready-made shop, and in 1933 he was acquitted of all the bells, except for the main damaged by a projectile hit February 10, 1942.
As early as the Cathedral Museum was opened in 2000, after the discovery of the next two years was restored decorative paintings on the walls of the main chapel of the church. Sampson Cathedral, photo
ST. Samson Cathedral View of the Cathedral The chapel Bell tower The courtyard of the cathedral
ST. Samson Cathedral View of the cathedral Chapel The bell tower View the Cathedral from the garden In the courtyard of the temple
Sampson Cathedral View of the cathedral The gates of the cathedral Monument Enemies Biron The fence of the cathedral
The main iconostasis in the name of St. Sampson Hospitator. The temple is famous icons of the 18th century In the cathedral In the church there a small museum dedicated Poltava and the history of the church Mural