A Tour of the Halls and Rooms

Jordan staircase at the Hermitage, the field Marshal's hall Peter (Small throne) room winter Palace the war gallery of 1812, St. George (Large throne) hall.

Armorial hall

During the reign of Catherine II the hall was called a "Light gallery" and then "White hall" (since the walls and columns were covered with white artificial marble), after the fire of 1837 was increased in length and was named “Stamp”. A sample of the decoration of the hall was ancient Greece and Rome.

Armorial hall
The images show the interior of the hall, for larger image click on the selected photo.
Photo Armorial hall in the Hermitage The Armorial decoration of the hall Gilded columns and chandeliers Gilded bronze chandelier Sculptural group of ancient warriors with banners Colonnade supporting a balcony with a balustrade
Armorial hall designed by V. P. Stasov in 1839, it was planned above all for various official receptions. The hall is illuminated by massive chandeliers, painted on the shields of coats of arms of Russian provinces and cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, at the entrance is a sculptural groups of old Russian warriors with banners. Once, shields with coats of arms decorated with the sculptural group of soldiers in Russian clothes at the end walls. The name of the room and connected with the arms of cities. Across the hall was held the procession of the Royal family to the Big Church of the Winter Palace. High colonnade which is holding the balcony with a balustrade. Hall is the second largest in the Winter Palace, its area is 1000 square meters. For the decoration of the hall are gone 7 kg of gold. In the hall are exhibited the richest collection of masters of the minting of silver, etc.

St George's hall

A large throne room. In this room were all the official ceremony of the Russian state. On the day of St. George (November 26, 1795) hall was consecrated, hence the room got its name "George". According to the scheme of Hermitage hall is No. 198.

St George (Large throne) hall
Photo of the Throne room, its area is 800 m², twenty-two small chandeliers of gilded bronze hall light, 48 marble columns with a height of six meters, a circumference of 1.8 meters support the balcony 48 rectangular pilasters correspond to them.
Photos of St George's hall, the Hermitage The interior of St. George hall Vase by George hall Gilded ornament adorns the decor Pattern of the parquet floors made of 16 precious wood The bas-relief of St. George is on the throne
The entire hall is lined with massive slabs of Italian marble, columns and pilasters crowned with a bronze cast and chased with Corinthian capitals, gilded in fire.
The throne of The ceiling of the hall, patterns and ornaments Медный подвесной потолок The entrance hall at the Military gallery of 1812 Photo of the Throne room The great Imperial throne
The great throne hall in the Winter Palace was recreated in the early 1840s, by the project of V. P. Stasov after the fire, he was able to save the composition of his predecessor Giacomo Quarenghi. Impress large dimensions of the hall, United with carrascoso white purity of marble, imported from Italy and gilded bronze glow, gives the decoration of the main premises of the Winter Palace special solemnity. The principal is the unique copper ceiling, its pattern, as in a mirror reflects the pattern of the parquet, composed of 16 rare species of trees shaped mosaic and is covered with a carved pattern. Six massive chandeliers of gilt bronze, three on each side, suspended from the trusses of the ceiling. The hall light enters through the Windows 14 of the first tier 18 Windows and balconies. On recreated in 2000, the throne seat, which stands on an Eminence, 7 steps and a canopy decorated with gold and brocade worked employees of the Museum. On a red velvet covered with gilded silver mounted the throne, made in 1731 for Empress Anna Ivanovna English master N. Clausen. High on the wall, place above the throne, above the balcony, placed a marble bas-relief depicting St. George, patron Saint of Russia and of the Russian army. Carved arms of the chair completed the picture of the eagle heads, the legs of the throne are made in the form of powerful paws clutching gilded balls. Embroidered on the back in silver thread coat of arms is repeated behind the throne, on a scarlet background.

The war gallery of 1812

The opening of the Military gallery of 1812 took place on the day of the anniversary of the end of the war - 25 December (7 January) 1826.

The war gallery of 1812
Photo Military gallery of 1812.
Photo Military gallery of 1812 Hermitage Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich Field Marshal M. I. Kutuzov Types of rooms of the Winter Palace. The war gallery of 1812 The decoration of the Military gallery of 1812 Ceiling decoration of the hall
In the gallery collected a large number of paintings, including portraits of participants in the war against Napoleon, there are 332 portrait of Russian field marshals and generals.